Monday, September 3, 2007

Iraq, Clinton, Insurance

Sunday, September 24, 2006 5:34 PM
Hello dear reader, sorry for the delay but life threw a mean curveball at me this past week on two fronts, work and health. Both are intertwined as well. Tried 'blogging' a few nights ago but could not get TownHall to open up, my guess, anti-freedom-of-speech-liberals were attacking the T.H. server. I spent my Saturday at the E.R. getting the full-monty of test run to figure out what was going on inside of me. Yada yada...follow up with your PCM on Monday. Enough of moi, let's start on the news.....haven't seen the whole Wallace-Clinton interview yet, but what I have seen is enough to tell me and anyone savvy enough to see that Bill is sticking to his M.O. and lying out loud again. When he said that no one in the military would support his goal of going after OBL in Afghanistan, that is totally B.S. As CinC, all he had to do was tell them, do it, and it would have been done. But his 'Administration' of clowns, fools, and vagabonds, were to busy throwing the parties of their lives and demeaning the sanctity of the White House. In the Center Ring, the Ringmaster Bill Clinton announces his two leading clowns....Sandy "stuff the paper in your pants" Berger and Richard "I know it all" Clark. No wonder OBL got away. Iraq, the quagmire, the X-gen Vietnam. I just got a phone poll from Michael Reagan, after listiening to the pitch, I got the tela-operator, who asked if I felt the Pres was responsible for his fall in the polls....'somewhat'....and a quick thank you from the lady and she hung up. I know they were looking for donations from hard corps supporters of the Pres. We're all responsible for the outcome of our actions, and sometimes there are outside influences which affect our reaction to an action. I'll let you chew on that for a bit if you don't get it. Back to Iraq. There are Army units on their 3rd tour in that sandtrap. The talk of the National Guard being called up again in numbers has raised ire and eyebrows. NBC Nightly News reported that many Guard units left their equipment in Iraq, i.e. vehicles, heavy weapons. Now these units have to go back and hopefully inherit the same, better, or maybe worse for wear equipment. We are lucky....very lucky....the Soviet Union does not exist...and that the PRC does not have logistical support to transport it's armies to our shores. If you haven't watched the movie Red better, there's more truth than fiction to that movie. We went to Iraq under the understanding that Saddam had a. Weapons of mass destruction and b. was connecting to Al Qiada and that c. would have meld the two into a destructive force heading our way. Loose connections between Saddam and some terrorist were found, Gulf War era WMD's were found and we still don't know for sure if WMD's went to Syria or were ever. We went to Iraq with the belief that once Saddam and his Bathist were taken out, that the Iraqi people would have risen up like the French in World War Two, fought along side us, showered our troops with flowers, etc. Four years later, around 3000 U.S. killed, way too many wounded, we are sitting ducks, stagnating in fixed positions, having our military try to play World Policeman. Our military is not designed to sit and be police. Our military is designed to manuever in close and kill the enemy and seize the objectives. After removing Saddam, the Iraqis did what they have done for centuries, turn against anyone that is not from their clan. I asked an Army Staff Sergeant that was there during the assualt into Bahgdad (and has that raised hand of that statue of Saddam) what he felt, this was a year after he returned home. He said, 'we accomplished our mission, we removed Saddam'. That was the mission. It's done. What remains is not for us to decide. It's for the Iraqi's. We did do an honorable deed in removing a tyrant. We, meaning they, the military men and women 'over there', have been honorable in every intention by either building a school or killing a terrorist. We have given the Iraqi's the tools necessary to build a democracy. We have given the the lives of our own. We have given them the time. Now, it is up to them. It's not just time to 'cut and run', it's time to bring our military home before it does become a broken shell for worse than what happened post-Vietnam. Let the Shite and Sunni fight it out between themselves. Many talking head on the talk TV shows say that terrorism has increased post 9/11. Yes it has, I agree. Iraq has become a terrorist training ground, far more so than Afghanistan was. Plus, the motivation is the possibility for them, the terrorist, to kill an American. Removing that key ingredient, would then have them only killing each other, which for us, and the rest of the World, would be a good thing. It would also throw the balance off since the Shite would be backed by Iran, and the Sunni backed by Syria. Once the Sunni world begins seeing the Shite armies begin slaughtering the Sunni's, it would create a chasm of chaos within the radical islamic world. We do though, need to move our military into Afghanistan and bolster the Afghani's who seem to be more receptive and willing to try and create a democracy. Strategically, it would be far better to have a large Air Force and Army base there than in Iraq. The Gulf States would not want us to leave after witnessing the chaos that will follow a U.S. departure so bases there will be secure for the next decade. Then there's Africa and another long blog entry. HP CEO resigns....hmmm. Who do you trust??? How can an American company operate without it's CEO's keeping tabs on possible leaks?? This should be job for the FBI. Nuff said. taxes were raised again in our county and in the city. The exodus of long time citizens has been happening since the hurricane in '04. Property values have been greatly over inflated to the point now there is a housing glut of homes for sale. My neighbor a retired teacher, is eyeing a town in Alabama, a retired Army officer that lives a few streets over is eyeing a few States out west if inflated housing and insurance is not stemmed. The possibiltiy of my area becoming a home of the overly rich and extremely poor and illegals too, is getting better with each rise of prices. I did have a laugh, four kids, ages 12 & 13 were arrested for busting up the insides of an abandon home in their privileged O.C. -esque beach community. All these kids are caucasion, one is a girl, and a couple parents say the charges are outrageous for just 'children'. Funny how Americans look at the news and see kids with AK47's and think if they get killed, no biggie, but if fair haired and eyed American kids get arrested for property damage, it's an outrage. My laugh was at the rich and privledge world getting a dose of reality that faces their future. Nothing is sacred no more, and MayBerry RFD is nothing but a sweet memory to many of us.

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