Monday, September 10, 2007

MoveOnDotOrg Isn't

I was driving down the road listening to talk radio, when the program announcer started talking about MoveOn's one page ad in the NYTimes today. You all know the one, about Gen. Petraeus/Gen Betray Us. Oh, how original MoveOn. I've heard a lot of ramblings from this 'group', mostly coming from Conservative Talk show host (funny how Conservatives are the only ones who really care about M.O.O.). I've heard these things about MOO (pronounced 'moooo' like what a cow does), that MoveOn.Org (MOO) is always getting these petitions and demonstrations and pro-liberal-DNC-Socialist rally's going. So, I wondered today, and Bill O'Reilly tonight even asked this too, 'who' are these people??? I wanted a name. I wanted to know who they are, Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane, Joan, whatever. Who are these people.? So I went to MoveOn.Org and looked at MOO's website, and low and behold....I could not find one name to attach to MoveOn.Org. Usually under the FAQ's or Who We Are drop down menu's you get something, but with MoveOn.Org...there's nothing, zero, zip, nada. Not a name. They are so ashamed to put their names, or they are so fearful that they will be exposed as the liars they are, they do not put their names on their website. No chairperson, finanical officer, liasion, ombudsman, nothing. Not even the Website engineer.
MoveOn throws all these fireballs accusing President Bush and VP Cheney, and our Military of every crime under the sun, but they have no conviction what so ever to be proud, brave, or self rightous enough to put their names to their website.
This by it's very nature and act, demonstrates that MoveOn.Org is irrelevant in it's mission, goals, actions, claims, words, and even exisitance. How can one trust even one iota of verbage that comes from MOO if their leadership hides like cowards Al Qaeda in the shadows of anonimity?! MoveON is just that...move on, it don't matter what they say.

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