Monday, September 3, 2007

Stupid Americans

Friday, August 11, 2006 10:58 AM
Watching the news just sometimes makes me want to throw the TV out the door onto the driveway, but that would be stupid. Almost to every talking head that appears on TV, mostly from the Left and DNC crowd, no one gets it. This bombing attempt of the flights out of London, to the battle in Lebanon, to Iran. It's all interconnected. It is the predominently arab muslim war on the West. No matter where an arab person was born, or citizenship attained, that person, mostly an arab male between 17 and 35 years of age, will become involved in some way to take down the 'Western Civilization'. Sorry dear reader, I got off track a bit. The bright shiny truth that most of the 'left' don't get is this: in their argument that Iraq is deteroriating into civil war. Duh. It's not George Bush's fault, it's no fault of our military (remember fracken civilians rule our military, those civilians are politicians), it's no fault of the Iraqi's who are fighting and have died trying to build a democracy. It's just plain historical fact that's causing the fighting to escalate into civil war. What happened is pure and simple, a strong armed dictator named Saddam Hussein was able to squelch historical rivalries for the time he ruled. Once he was gone, and the mechanism he used to keep Iraq together was gone, all those splinter groups that hid in shadows (or in Christian Europe) came out and started vying for their own power base. Historical rivalries between the Sunni and Shia came into play again. Clans no longer worried about Saddam's secret police, or military. They were able now to move about and start fighting that old fight again. This happened also in Yugoslavia when Marshall Tito died. Tito was also a strong armed dictator that held the country of Yugoslavia together. Now after six years of civil war there, that once country is divided up into four seperate countries now. The same cause and effect that happened in Yugoslavia is now happening in Iraq, plain and simple. This happens to countries, businesses, and families, how can anyone not see and understand this. It's stupid not to understand this basic fact of life.

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