Monday, September 3, 2007

UN Nuclear Ceasefire

Monday, August 07, 2006 7:34 PM
We've witnessed another day of bombs, both militarily and politically across the World. The U.N. (Useless Notion) kept talking of an immediate ceasefire, talking of 'drafting' a resolution....oooh, shaking in my flipflops. I heard it called "Kofi Annan's" United Nations (Useless Notion) and that does it fit it well, for in reality, he's the only one that still believes that the U.N. is a viable and functioning organization. It's become nothing but a pawn to be used by nations against other nations in the political-media arena. For the common man and woman of the World, the U.N. means nothing, does nothing, and is nothing to them. Time for the the United States to close the Useless Notion building in New York City and do it by years end. If the World wants to have a 'U.N.' building, I"m sure's other suitable locations, like Haiti (as mentioned by Neal Boortz a few days ago). Haiti could use the jobs since Haiti has been a U.N. sponsored disaster, like the Congo and every other African Nation where the U.N. has been 'involved, Yugoslavia, Lebanon-Israel border, Cambodia, East Timor, etc etc etc. No where has the 'U.N.' itself been able to stop violence, war, crime. Ceasefire - n: a suspension of active hostilities. Ceasefire, is only good when on field combatant commanders call it out of humanitarian reasons which has happened in history. When diplomats 'force' a ceasefire, it only leads to more fighting and/or weapons build up by beligerrent forces/nations. Prime Example: North Korea. A ceasefire was forced upon the military commanders instead of finishing the fight that should have happened. Now, forty years later, Kim Jong Il is threatening the World with Nuclear Weapons and bringing the World closer to nuclear warfare by assisting Iran (who arms Hizbollah,Al Qaida). If forty years ago, the diplomats had courage and conviction, they would have made Korea one nation under the U.N. But again, a U.N. failure with horrific consequences.

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