Monday, September 3, 2007

Welcome again dear reader

I used to be BirdsEyeView over at Townhall, but I have moved to for good. Three strikes and you're out....I am an American, baseball is American, I play by those rules, simple enough. I read a story about Hillary and the Chinese connection to missiles and wanted to blog about it, but due to constraints on TH's side, I had to find a new home. I've seen that is very open to freedom of speech, and not so worried about copyright infringments, which is my guess why TH balks at sources used. When I post a story, I will use whatever source I can to make my case, factual as possible, and verifiable by you, the reader. If we are unable to use such freedoms, then we as a free open democratic society, are soon doomed for socialist chains and bondage. Vote'll see. Bet me with your freedoms that I"m wrong about her and her payroll backer's agenda. I have to notify some other people of my move as well. Please tell your friends about this site, check it once a week for my lastest rants, raves, and outright insanity. If you get pulled over for speeding, just say "honest officer, I was listening to 'Radar Love" and that "it's a half past four and I was shiftin' gears"....part came on...and subliminal messages just had me push down the pedal."

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