Tuesday, October 9, 2007

That ending sucked!!

Ever watch a movie or read a book and think, I could've done better. Well, me too. Aren't we all better than those that doing the job anyway? I'm going to put my two cents where my mouth is, and also to add something to this blog that is not current event ranting.
I love the movie Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I hated both of the follow up movies....the story lines sucked. So I started a bit of writing last night and today and am putting in just what I started, if you dear reader want more of the story, please let me know at bpsitrep@yahoo.com If you're a Sci Fi fan, I tried to tie in other stories as well and use already created words, names. Now this is how the story should have continued:

Florida - August 1993
Warm breezes flowed from the south, bringing the saltiness of the Gulf of Mexico into western Florida, covering everything with a light dust by mid morning as the air warmed. Lately it was hot. A record hot summer again as temperatures soared daily into the 90’s. Sarasota was going to bake again in the summer sun tomorrow. He could read the weather like reading a book. Living here along the Gulf Coast since his retirement from the U.S. Army, he yearned only to raise his two children, and be with the one woman that understood.
Anna watched him as he stood staring out into the Gulf. She knew his thoughts again drifted back to the jungle, especially on nights like these when the temperature grew hot, and her own thoughts were the same.
It was time to get the kids to bed, Dutch stubbed out his cigar into the ash tray that rested on the railing of the long porch. The sound of rapidly approaching feet, quiet but not quiet enough for Dutch not to notice them. Angrily he chastised himself as the hair on the back of his neck stood up as he whirled and swung his arms and swooped up his five year old daughter.
“You make more noise than Boxie does when he’s running for his food bowl.”
His daughter laughed, “I scared you Daddy”
Dutch smiled, and as a father who wants only to make his children happy, he obliged her taunt, “Yes you did, I thought you were the boogy man”.
“Dutch”…said Anna.
Anna’s upbringing in Central America with her superstitions often did not understand the joking side. But Dutch knew as well she meant only not to bring up the nightmare of six years ago or bring a chance of that nightmare returning.
As he tucked both his children in, and kissed them goodnight, the thought that it had been six years struck him even harder tonight. That itself was strange since Dutch had just last month been over to USSOCOM at MacDill Air Force Base and gave Gen. Downing a personal report as to the events of June 1987. As well as receive an Intel update of the same. NASA had reported no activity coming from the Drago Constellation which is where they believed the trajectory came from that was recorded in ‘87 by an EOS weather satellite that caught what was thought to be a comet and breakage.
Further investigation and computer programming over the following three years took the track back into the Drago Constellation. But nothing since was ever noted and in 1990, a secret mission satellite was launched to specifically watch into that section of space.
Dutch retired as a full Colonel after 20 years of service, mostly doing training at various U.S. bases and one short deployment during Desert Storm. That mission itself had it’s own ghost. While taking a platoon of Green Beret across the western expanse of the Iraqi desert, Dutch was sure he was being watched. One night he was watching for Iraqi Republican Guard tank movements into the al Basra basin, Dutch was using some new NVG’s. As he swept the adjacent dunes, he swore he saw a figure move so fast, one like saw before. But that was the only incident. Ghost he thought then, and now.

Drago Star Constellation
Planet - Degnus - Yautja homeworld
The council watched the display on the imager before them. The ‘ooman’ looked particularly strong in his manners and physique, unusual for ‘oomans’/humans they all thought. But the recorded images of the hunt and subsequent encounter showed that most of this small band of humans were all unique, save for two males and one female.
“This one here, it is the human that killed my younger brother, and it is he that I demand not only clan justice, but family blood right law.”
The Council discussed it briefly. An old Senator with slash wounds across his face spoke: “Your rights are granted, but know this, the governing body will not send nor allow any other rescue or follow hunts on your clans behalf should you fail.” “Your clan will use its own expenses and craft for your purpose.” “It is known that the human’s technology has grown far beyond the expected means in a very short time and now we fear they are learning where live. This could lead to an end to a very good hunting ground for our youth which will cost your clan it’s seat in this Chamber.”
The older brother Predator, Lauk, he laughed, “I will kill more humans on this hunt than any have ever been taken before and take the greatest trophy”.
The old Senator slammed his fist down, “We have been hunting there for over three thousand years, and the humans have provided our youth with invaluable war skills we desperately need, especially in these times. Do not take your quest for revenge lightly that it will jeopardize our own existence.”
Lauk bowed and turned and walked out of the Chambers. He was met by senior clan members, “We have purchased a new single flight vehicle that has the new camouflage technology such as our suits.” one of them stated.
“Good”, was all Lauk said. His mind was already how he would kill this human. The clan walked out of the main structure towards their kraal.
A Senator on the Council stood, “That concludes all personal business, now all shall leave except for the Council of Elders and Council of War.”
After the room had cleared, the same Senator spoke:“The war on the edge of our furthest outpost is going badly, the enemy are brave, fierce, and tactfully smart. Also the Chestbursters are again becoming a nuisance, the red queens were becoming more intelligent, while the black queens and offspring still reacted with natural instinct.We have made plans with our Tuskin allies to eliminate all of the Chestbursters, since the outbreak in the seventh solar system, they spread across and infected the sixth and fifth solar systems. No other species survived, even the Allurance with their superior medical technology, are now extinct. With agreements from the Confederation, those three solar systems are now quarantined with extermination to begin as we speak.”
The Senator nodded towards the head of the Council of War. An aged and battle scarred warrior stood, “Auk-Ni”, as he was called, “Death by night” loosely translated.
“I have grave information concerning the war. The enemy have adapted to our tactics again, and even won a battle in a minor solar system..” and the old General gave the rest of the brief.
Afterwards the Councils departed, and the two senior Senators walked by themselves onto a rocky terrace adjacent to the Council building. It overlooked the entire Capital city which was enormous itself and stretched as far as they could see.
The Senior let his friend speak first..” My friend, our kind have seen so much over the course of time and history, and it seems that history is now upon us.”
The old Senator clicked his long tusk,”Yes, we are one of the oldest surviving races and our arrogance is what is bringing us to our end. Look at the humans, we’ve hunted their for a thousand years after stumbling by accident upon that far reaching and insignificant galaxy. They have grown technologically over the past three hundred years at a rate out pacing any other species. Even with their primitive space flight, unless they kill themselves in one of their trivial wars with each other, they will soon begin reaching far beyond their solar system.”
The two walked a bit further and watched the two blazing suns setting. The old Senator shook his head, “Those damn bugs and this damn war will both consume the last of our resources if we are not victorious. Our allies are growing stronger as well and soon be able to stand against us.” He grabbed a rock and crumbled it into dust in his hand, “The enemy sacrificed three of their ships just as a ruse, just to get their hands onto one of our ships…..and the self destruct failed to destroy the entire ship. What is worse is that the type of ship we lost.”
His fellow Senator stopped walking..”What do you mean? I heard the entire briefing?”
“After the briefing, Auk-Ni pulled me aside, and he told me it was one of the new individual fighters, it has total camouflage capabilities. I hope that the enemy will not find enough of it left to reverse engineer our technology.”
They both stood in silence for a moment.
The Senator friend stated…”Damn enemy, they have proven to be a real challenged to our fighters and maybe our territories.”
The old Senator growled….”YES……the damn enemy….what do they call themselves…oh yes….the damn Romulans.”

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