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Mirror History 1939 - 2009

Students of history will look at this time, our time, and ask themselves, why did they repeat history if they knew from history what was coming? Being honest, I’m just a student of history myself, always learning. Lessons from yesterday are being applied today, that is how we learn.

As a student, and per mission statement of B.E.V. , I observe and report and let you decide. Parallels are made with every controversial President, World leader, to previous leaders, people pull out a section of the Bible, Quran, Tora, and say this is what is meant right now concerning a person in high status.

We need something clear and concise, something we can grasp and understand without question. So we often apply a known variable to it so we can understand and give ourselves an answer.

With the current state of massive flux this Nation is going through, we feel more and more out of control of our understanding exactly what is going on. Be this by design or happenstance, that is something I can not answer for you.

What B.E.V. has observed over the past 12 months, is a growing movement inside the United States either directing or supporting a kind of governance that cares for it’s citizens cradle to grave. How that ‘care’ comes, is the big question, is the biggest variable we are facing. More and more people feel it’s easier for them to live and survive by having a government that tells them exactly how to live, where to live, get care, food, and work if it’s desired.

This Nation is being split by those who believe in self determination v. external reliance. Choice is the life blood of those who believe in self determination, the choice to do something or not. External reliance proponents, live on what is given to them by someone other than themselves. As this divide grows more and more, and becomes more vocal, one of two things will happen in the end. The first is one side will triumph over the other and that’s the way it will be for a very long time. The second is that a permanent division will happen where the two groups physically separate from each other in order to live as they believe in.

Under the current trend, those who believe in external reliance are gaining leaps and bounds and will force those who believe in self reliance to accept a new way of life. Being the United States and our history, this will not go down easily. This Nation was based upon individual freedom and liberty, the right to self determination and the pursuit of that life. People will begin to face off against each other as one side begins to gain more and more power, such as happened in the 1960’s where major riots began hitting large and small cities.

But this time, it’s different. It’s not just about fighting against an unpopular war, about civil rights for women and minorities. This time, it’s more about the soul of America, the very concept of liberty itself for what the Founding Fathers, the Expansionist that moved West, the Blue & Gray, the Greatest Generation, all fought and died for.

In worst case scenario, should the ballot be replaced by bullets, and the ‘Leaders’ in D.C. believe that their course for this Nation is correct no matter what….is in enforcing their ‘will’ and ‘laws’ above the Constitution, where will our Military stand?

The comparison between 1930’s Germany and 2009 America is becoming frightenly similar. The following took place in Germany in the 1930’s, everything was taken from open sources found online from official, educational links. None were taken from other blogs or home made websites.

“In the years leading up to World War Two, in the new Nazi controlled Germany, the ruling political party of Nationalist Socialist systematically began to seize control of every aspect of German society.

But one man arose amid the overwhelming might. Otto Wells, leader of the Social Democrats stood up and spoke quietly to Hitler.

"We German Social Democrats pledge ourselves solemnly in this historic hour to the principles of humanity and justice, of freedom and socialism. No enabling act can give you power to destroy ideas which are eternal and indestructible."

“Germany’s economy was in a mess when Hitler was elected Chancellor in January 1933. Hitler and Nazi propaganda had played on the population’s fear of no hope.

A number of policies were introduced which caused the unemployment figures to drop.

Women were no longer included in the statistics so any women who remained out of work under the Nazi’s rule did not exist as far as the statistics were concerned.

The unemployed were given a very simple choice: do whatever work is given to you by the government or be classed as "work-shy" and put in a concentration camp.”

Many young men were taken off of the unemployment figure when conscription was brought in (1935) and men had to do their time in the army etc. By 1939, the army was 1.4 million strong. To equip these men with weapons etc., factories were built and this took even more off of the unemployment figure.

With these measures in place the unemployment figure had to fall drastically and many saw the Nazi figures as nothing more than a book-keeping trick. However, many would have been too scared to speak out against the Nazis or pass negative comments on the published figures - such was the fear of the Gestapo.” (B.E.V. note – replace Gestapo with State Run Media aka ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYTimes)

“However, there is no doubt that work was created. The Nazis introduced public work schemes for men who worked in the National Labour Service. Their work would have included digging ditches on farms to assist irrigation, building the new autobahns, planting new forests etc.”

“In April, 1933, Gustav Krupp von Bohlen submitted to Hitler on behalf of the Reich Association of German Industry a plan for the reorganization of German industry, which, he stated was characterized by the desire to coordinate economic measures and political necessity.”

“The Nazi Government endeavored to unite the nation in support of their policies through the extensive use of propaganda. A number of agencies were set up whose duty was to control and influence the press, radio, films, publishing firms, etc., in Germany, and to supervise entertainment and cultural and artistic activities. All these agencies came under Goebbels' Ministry of the People's Enlightenment and Propaganda, which together with a corresponding organization.”

“In their effort to combat the influence of the Christian churches, whose doctrines were fundamentally at variance with National Socialist philosophy and practice, the Nazi Government proceeded more slowly. The extreme step of banning the practice of the Christian religion was not taken, but year by year efforts were made to limit the influence of Christianity on the German people, since, in the words used by the defendant Bormann to the defendant Rosenberg in an official letter, "the Christian religion and National Socialist doctrines are not compatible." In the month of June, 1941, the defendant Bormann issued a secret decree on the relation of Christianity and National Socialism. The decree stated that:

" For the first time in German history the Fuehrer consciously and completely has the leadership in his own hand. With the Party, its components and, attached units, the Fuehrer has created for himself and thereby the German Reich Leadership, an instrument which makes him independent of the Treaty.... More and more the people must be separated from the churches and their organs, the Pastor. . . Never again must an influence on leadership of the people be yielded to the churches. This influence must be broken completely and finally. Only the Reich Government and by its direction the Party, its components and attached units, have a right to leadership of the people."

“ As early as the 7th April, 1933, the law reorganizing the Civil Service had made it possible for the Nazi Government to remove all " Subversive and unreliable teachers ", and this was followed by numerous other measures to make sure that the schools were staffed by teachers who could be trusted to teach their pupils the full meaning of National Socialist creed.”

German Army 1938:

“In February 1938, the German Army experienced what was essentially a purge of its senior officers – or those Hitler did not trust. This started with the trumped up charges against both Blomberg and Fritsch. Kleist was another victim of this purge as he was thought to be a supporter of Fritsch.”

American Army 2009:

WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon ousted its top general in Afghanistan and appointed a new leadership team, in an attempt to jump-start a new war strategy that relies more on counterinsurgency tactics and less on conventional warfare. Gen. David McKiernan is out.

.Defense Secretary Robert Gates asked for the resignation of Gen. David McKiernan, who had been in the job for less than a year, and replaced him with Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, a former Green Beret who recently commanded the military's secretive special operations forces in Iraq.

On August 2, 1934, at 9 a.m., the long awaited death of 87 year old Hindenburg finally occurred. Within hours, Hitler and the Nazis announced the following law, dated as of August 1...

"The Reich Government has enacted the following law which is hereby promulgated.

Section 1. The office of Reich President will be combined with that of Reich Chancellor. The existing authority of the Reich President will consequently be transferred to the F├╝hrer and Reich Chancellor, Adolf Hitler. He will select his deputy.

Section 2. This law is effective as of the time of the death of Reich President von Hindenburg."

“In a move with major political implications for voting, districting and representation in future elections, the Obama administration has demanded oversight of the 2010 U.S. census.”

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Name a top issue and President Barack Obama has probably got a "czar" responsible for tackling it.

A bank bailout czar? Herb Allison. Energy czar? Carol Browner.

There's a drug czar, a U.S. border czar, an urban czar, a regulatory czar, a stimulus accountability czar, an Iran czar, a Middle East czar, and a czar for both Afghanistan and Pakistan, which in Washington-speak has been lumped together into a policy area called Af-Pak.

There are upward of 20 such top officials, all with lengthy official titles but known in the media as czars, and next week there will be one more, when Obama appoints a czar for cyber-security who will be charged with improving the security of computer networks.”

Okay dear reader, I hope I’ve given you enough examples of past and recent history to make you at least take a look at what is happening to this Nation and it’s People. While the initial title of this blog entry was misleading, German Army 1939 v. American Army 2009, it evolved differently as I was researching, but the big question remains. How close does our Army of 2009 begin to mirror Germany’s Army in 1939 as far as being politically controlled? Also, will our Army follow Germany’s Army into history in blindly supporting a government that continues to usurp and bypass the Constitution and continue to put itself above The People and The Law. The demonstrations in Iran is making a great distraction for the State Run Media and complicit Congress to provide smoke and mirrors for the Obama Administration’s actions in moving this Nation towards an abyss.

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