Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama in a Japanese SitCom

osted by Brian Peters on Monday, December 22, 2008 11:30:49 PM
Since we don't watch much garbage put out by Hollywood anymore, my better half and I watch a lot of online Japanese drama/comedies and movies that are streamed for free. I've put a few links before on here about them. The latest show is called Celeb to Bindo Taro, rough translation, the Rich Celebrity and Poor Taro.
Watching tonight's episode, the latest one uploaded, the Japanese producers and writers of this comedy-drama, thought enough to inject P.E.B.O. President Elect Barack Obama (Pebo...that cracks me up) into this drama. Which kind of gives us an insight to how Japan is looking at the USA and Barack Obama, the appearance is at about 3 minutes, 50 seconds into Ep. 9. part 1., linked here:
You watch it and decide for yourself.
I recall vividly, back in early 1993, must've been late January or early February, I was living near Naples, Italy in a small township called Lago Patria. I was outside, saw my landlord, Lino, an elderly gentleman, who was a nice guy, worked physically hard at keeping his 'Parco' neat and clean by himself - who may or may not have had mob connections wink wink - I asked Lino, "What do you think of our New President (Clinton)? Lino looked at me, kind of over his glasses, cracked a grin, let out a small laugh and said 'Clinton' at the same time, shook his head a bit, and carried on with whatever he was doing.
A small warning bell went off in my 20 watt head, the Italians are not taking him (Clinton) very serious as a World leader.
Watching that clip tonight, a heard a laugh in the back of my mind at the same time. I hear you Sr. Lino.

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