Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kelley, Broadwell & Spear and Shield of the United States

These two ladies have brought down the careers of two of our Nations Four Star Generals.  Not that they did it by themselves, for I blame the General's themselves, for allowing such huge lapse's of fore sight and thought.  Not so much I'm concerned about their personal lives, that is theirs.  But being in the positions that in which they were, one would believe or think they would have had much more common sense and professional sense as well.  Much can be said of the lack of street smarts by the upper echelon's of not only Government, but every institution where people are raised in 'gated communities', where the basic instinct of survival and honest consideration are lost.
   What bothers me the most, is that now, both the CIA and U.S. Armed Forces are under attack from the Obama Administration.  Both of these institutions are the both the tip of the spear and the shield of the United States and it's citizens.  For clarity and understanding to you dear reader, the final line of defense is the American citizen, the American Militia whom will be the final one's defending the Constitution once the Spear and Shield are broken.
   Both of these women had their motives for doing what they do/did.  Be it nefarious or innocent, they too have to be held accountable to the American People. 
   One I see infatuation, the other I see motive.  Both are pawns on the grand chessboard.
   The bigger picture again raises it's head, who knew what when??!!
   As with the Fast and Furious gun running operation.
   As with the Benghazi assault and murder of our Ambassador and 3 other American citizens.
   Why the smoke and mirrors dear reader?  Why don't you and haven't you been told the whole story and truth?
    Why hasn't the Fast and Furious account been settled?
     Benghazi has been proven to be shrouded in mystery. 
    The main stream media of CNN,CBS,ABC,NBC,NY-LA Times, have offered no real kind of investigative journalism into any of these issues.  Complicit are they I say.
    A good conspiracy writer has mountains of information now in which to write a Stephen King sized book on how an American President and his inner circle go about destroying the United States from within.
    Fact or fiction, will depend on how you dear reader, view the contents of it all.

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