Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blog's status

I would've have and tried to keep this blog 'alive' with more contributions, but, life happens. What free time I have available to be on the PC and internet, I devote to small things and yet do contribute my very valued 'two cents worth' to the masses.  (insert crickets sound here)....

But listening to Monica Crowley today, gave me a little bump I needed, reinforcing my own beliefs and observations about the United States and it's current and future life. 

So I am going to do a few more blog post, and then most likely just let it go off into the dust bins of the internet land of riding off into the sunset. 

I'm going to do 2, maybe 3 more entries.  The first one will be what I believe, is a viable plan for our Armed Services, it's future, and how to actually help in this World when disaster strikes.

The second one, will be very controversial, mostly based upon my own lack of optimism for this Nation.

The third, if I do one, will be about the future, from a Birdseyeview. 

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