Tuesday, March 22, 2016

See Something....Two Cells

    Yesterday at work, March 21st, 2016 I was standing in our kiosk when a man walked by.  He was wearing a down jacket, knee length shorts, and flip flops.  He walked to the cars in K row, I thought he must be a renter, or just looking at the cars, many people do.  He kept walking around the cars, glancing across the street.  My co worker came inside, saw the same thing then went back out and asked him if he needed any help.  He said 'He was waiting for someone checking on a charger."  Many people forget their chargers, or was it a Dodge Charger?  I didn't know.  The man, Arab descent, about 5'10", 170 lbs, had thick curly hair, almost in a 'afro' style.  He kept watching across the street at the airport terminal and glancing behind him towards National-Alamo side of the garage. He then walked away from our K Row and went over to the other side of the Enterprise booth and resumed watching the terminal - baggage claim area and periodically glancing behind him.  I went inside and observed him from the middle doors still next to the Enterprise booth, now with his sunglasses on.  Behind me I heard Farsi or some sort of Arabic language.  I turned and saw 3 young male men, late 20's, early 30's and one looked to be a brother of the person in the garage, same haircut.  When I went back outside, the person in the garage was now next to a solitary car parked on the far side of the pick up parking, opposite of the taxi stand.  He got into that car and moved it from the center of that zone to the front.  Later I observed another male, thin, wearing a plaid long sleeve shirt, gray slacks, standing next to the car.  Two taxi drivers were standing in the middle of the road, talking, then had a short conversation with the new person.  Last I observed the car was gone.  This is what I believe was 'Cell One'.
   Today at about 5 pm, I observed by chance, four middle eastern males, all in their late 20's, early 30's, greeting each other in the Arab manner of cheek to cheek faux kiss.  All men were very thin, one had a thin beard that ran along his jawline.  I did not see or notice any luggage as the four of them got into an old either Dodge Ram or Chevy Silverado, Red in color, stickers on the back window, left side.  The truck was maybe 10 years old, well worn.   I believe this was 'Cell Two'.
    There are now at least two cells in the area, working independent but controlled by same upper echelon. IMO  Yesterday's guy in the garage didn't want his face recorded on camera which is why he stayed in the garage. IMO
    I told today,  a supervisor of TSA of yesterday's incident.
    See something, say something.  I wanted to record this just in case the worst happens. 

10-10-16:  Yesterday I came home from work, across the street to the left, there is a house that is now occupied by a young Muslim family, supposedly from the West Bank as was told to my neighbor.  Been very quiet, they do not interact with anyone on the small block of houses we live on.   I rounded the corner to my home, saw about 4 vehicles parked out in front of that house, and 3 more in their driveway.  As I drove by there was about 7 or 8 M.E.males standing out front talking in the yard.  There was no interaction between me or them. Later I saw one on a cell phone that walked away from the group. Then about 20 minutes later they were all gone inside of the house.  About 20 minutes after that a Mercedes sedan drove by slowly, stopped, a young short to shaved headed male got out, was talking on his cell phone, he then gestured to the driver who then parked in the driveway of these neighbors. Another 'bald' headed male got out, then a third 'bald' head got out from the rear of the Mercedes, that group I called the Chechen-Bosnian crew by their looks.  A few males from the house came out,first time greeted each other in the 'traditional' kiss on the cheek, and head nods, in that unfamiliar with you body language mode.  Later another vehicle came and parked in the yard, two males, short hair, black beards (Iraqi-Syrian types) got out, one on the phone, again a few males came out...repeated the 'greeting' mode.  All males were between 25 - 40 yrs of age.  Just saying something for the record.  Only children I saw at this 'birthday party' cause I'm sure that's all this was,were the one's that live there whom were dropped off by a woman that I seen frequently stopping by. Most vehicles had out of State license plates. I'm sure I just have that 'phobia' and it's all nothing............

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