Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Excerpt Chapter 5

     Continued teaser from my unpublished book: Third World USA 

    Many forces were in motion now, hurdling massive amounts of combatants towards each other.  At the heart of this was PLA Secret Service Maj. Cheng Zhi, Mexican LtGen Arturo Sanchez, PDRUSA BGen Allen Warren, APF LtGen William Jackson.  

    May 7th, 2045  0935am  Phoenix, Estate de Arizona

    It took longer each time he returned to his Divison's Headquarters, the roads were increasingly becoming hazardous in broken down vehicles, potholes, and just plain trash.  Increasing numbers of immigrants from Central America were being brought in by the Mexican Army.  But without resources to take care of them, they were becoming just homeless refugees complicating just day to day living.  Maj. Cheng leaned forward, his driver recognized the growing frustration with his immediate superior, and honked the horn of his jeep in a vain attempt to remedy the situation.
   Cheng fought the urge to use his cell phone, but knew that the Mexicans, Americans on both sides, Russians, and Islamic Army would all be using intercept equipment.  His intelligence operatives had confirmed is worst fears and he knew, unless direct action was taken, the entire power centers would shift significantly, maybe all the way back to Beijing.

   Same day  0950  Lubbock (Texas) Mexican zone

    The heat of the day had peaked already, a cold front had blown down from Canada dropping the usual mild spring temperatures down ten degrees within an hour. LtGen Sanchez hated the cold weather, it was an ill omen reinforced from when that damn rooster crowed last night.  He had to get his remainder of his Division moving, the cold weather would begin to affect his troops as they sought to get warm.  He finished the last of a late breakfast and sprung from the lounger chair of his impromptu Headquarters of the once magnificent four star hotel.  Storming through the large lobby, all the soldiers and working staff jumped to their feet, knowing something was coming from El Pantera.  'Officers, get everyone ready for movement.  Colonel Medina,  move your time table up four hours, Colonel Flores, get as much of your armor west as possible, I'll have Gen. Arrayo fly cover and reconnaissance for you instead of the planned sorties, hopefully the Americans won't attack us today."  Sanchez swore to himself at trusting the Democrat Gringo's to seize air dominance in this zone.  He knew why, damn them. 


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