Sunday, September 30, 2007

Alcohol and Cancer - who benefits

When after so many years, and so many previous research articles on the positive effects of alcohol on the body, comes the new research. "All Types of Alcohol Raise Risk of Breast Cancer in Women, Study Finds Thursday, September 27, 2007". I heard a bit of this story the other day on my way out the door, then heard a good bit of it via Fox News Sunday. I became immediately skepitcal because of all the previous reports saying a glass of wine a day is good for the heart, blood circulation, etc. So I began thinking about it and one question popped me up side the head like DiNozo being smacked by Gibbs (NCIS on CBS for you uninformed). Who benefits from this report??
It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Who has benefitted from destroying America's tobacco companies?????!!!! That's right, the dark side of the Legal/Lawyer profession and let's say this together: INSURANCE companies, with their twin evil brother - PHARMACEUTIAL.
Now, armed with this report, the lawyers that are unable to practice real law by protecting the truely innocent and prosecuting the truely guilty, have a new target to go after - Jack Daniels, Budweiser, Riunite for starters and being more popular and large companies. Just like they went after Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds, etc and destroyed those companies and the lives employed by them.
Then will come the Insurance Companies selling policies that will 'help' offset the expenses of going through breast cancer treatment due to alcohol consumption. Then the Pharmaceutical companies selling their 'drugs' to fight the breast cancer caused by alcohol consumption.
More money for the sleeze bag lawyers, more money for Insurance, more more money for the drug companies. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.
Now you're saying, this guy is out of his mind on this. Well, here's the link to the Fox News story I brought up this afternoon:,2933,298236,00.html
I wanted to read the report so I did a Dogpile search for Kaiser Permanente and that brought me here:
Two interesting points while just 'reading' online the information provided. Under the Fox News story, I ran my cursor across "Medical Care" which is highlighted indicating a link which takes the reader to: And Phizer is, dear reader??!!!
Now Kaiser is a large company and seems to want to help mankind, has an impressive group of upper echelon management, it also has a page under it's website containing, health insurance:
Nice of this company to be able to offer health insurance and well, just read through all their pages, it's quite a company that is almost a cradle to grave company in your health care in what they offer/services/connections.

What also has me thinking about this report, I couldn't find the report itself, where all of these women came from, etc. But does Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Germany, all have the high rate of breast cancer as the U.S. does?
Eat right, get plenty of rest and exercise, live a healthy lifestyle, is pretty much every one really needs to know. Eat right....that one kind of pings like a sonar wave. The US has huge problems of obesity and chronic and non-chronic diseases associated with obesity. Do you think it really might have to do just with our diet here? We have plenty of food, in ther refrigerator, right? See where I"m going with this? What is in our food we shove into our mouths every day? Preservatives. We have food that can sit on the open shelf for a year, and still be eaten. Why, and what does those chemicals keeping that food from taking it's natural course of decay, doing to our bodies??
Is it any wonder that all countries outside of the U.S., that start consuming more of a U.S. and/or a fast food type diet, start encountering the same problems we have now in with their health?
Yes, it was the chemicals in the cigarettes, it is the over consumption of alcohol, and it is the chemicals in our very food that kills us all in some way. If anyone, really cares about the human race, about America, then the entire system of how we produce our food from farm to the grocery, must be changed. As for tobacco and alcohol, that too needs serious regulation and inspection as to the ingredients and EDUCATION about their uses.
But to come out and just label alcohol consumption leads to breast cancer after all of these years, is very suspect to me. It's not the product, but what goes into the product that kills people. It's also the person themself and how they live.

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