Sunday, September 30, 2007

Iran v life support

Again, the U.S. is faced with a situation that must be dealt with. Kind of like having a family member on life support with no hope of a reversal of the health status. Do you shut down life support or just wait and see if they pass away naturally, knowing full well it may be tens of years that your loved one will be in a permanent 'vegetated' state. There is no brain activity, such as with M.A. , suggesting any kind of consciousness. If it were me laying there, I hope someone would have the guts to pull the plug and not let me waste away. How does this relay to Iran....good question. Iran is laying there wasting away, dying inside and what is needed is the plug to be pulled and let life move on.
On a more political side of this, Russia and China again have taken the very opportunity to stick a thumb in the eyes of the United States while simualtaneously shoving the other one up our arse. Russia and China will never in our lifetime, work on behalf of doing the right thing, of being benevolent Governments, of doing what is best for mankind. They have the chance to marginalize the United States and each and every chance they take it. By bullying the rest of the World into allowing another two months to go by to keep U.N. sanctions from happening, Russia and China will continue to sell Iran weaponary and technology for solely war.
Russia and China does not care one bit about real peace in the World, nor do they care if Israel lives another day. Russia and Putin's crowd is angry over the loss of the Cold War and the break up of the Soviet empire, so to hurt the United States, that is their goal at every chance. China, truely believes this is their time, their century to be thee World Super Power and nothing nor no one will stop them from their 'devine' right at achieving this goal and dream. China knows that the United States is the only one that can stop them from that goal which is why, China is ramping up it's battle plans with the United States and using classic Sun Tzu, using proxies to weaken their enemy while keeping their own army intact for the final assault and guaranteed victory.
Iran, is the perfect proxy. A madman with money and dreams of glory and a whole bunch of fools to follow him. If Iran gets the 'bomb', it will hide them so well, no one will be able to find them until they fall upon Israel and the rest of Middle East and Western Europe. There is no doubt that Iran will also, if they are not now, be readying the 'suitcase' nuke for use in the United States, probably doing a simualtaneous attack upon Israel and Western Europe.
At this moment in time, the United States is still the strongest country militarily, and somewhat economically. Diplomacy has failed. Period. An Iranian RG General stated recently that Iran does not even care if diplomatic and economic sanctions are levied against them. They, the Iranians, know they will not be affected by any sanctions that already have been inplace.
What is needed now, is a swift, sustained, and beyond belief type of strike against Iran's nuclear facilities, and the Iranian Republican Guard. If M.A. and his group can be taken out, that must be done as well. Time for diplomacy has passed. The World is at a place in time where the fascist and dictators are operating without any conscious thought about the good of mankind. To them, it's all about power and control and nothing else at all. World War Two taught them nothing at all. The United States has been more than 'fair' at trying to help the World to move ahead for the good of mankind. It's time for the United States to take that hard stand and show the World, our hand of friendship is good and will always be there, but our fist are of iron and hurt beyond any kind of pain ever endured.

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