Monday, September 3, 2007

Americana Hate build a Pence

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 9:56 PM
I didn't bother reading the whole leading article about why does some much of the World hate America. Dear reader, lean a little closer while I say this...........duh. It's simple psycology. The people at the top are always despised by those on the bottom, espeically if those at the top do nothing for those at the bottom. Which is why there was a huge anti-Bill Gates/Microsoft movement, which is why so many hate Wal-Mart (I'm just mad because the local store is a disorganized pig-sty and so much stuff from Communist China is sold there). So many people hate Paris Hilton (don't count teens - they're teens). But simply put, it's envy (and inner greed) why the World hates America. We have the most prosperous country in history, though current illegal immigration WILL and IS changing this country for the worse (Balkanization is coming). I think the TV 'reality' show Survivor will give us a good glimpse into current and future America by segregating groups by race. Well, Ahmadinejad, what happened to the 22nd of August and lighting up the sky or whaterver he was ranting about???? It's time to squeeze this guy, and Chavez too. Close to home stuff....after talking to family, friends, co-workers, and a few strangers, the U.S. hospital system is like bad tigers...they eat their young. Doctors and nurses and adminstrators, abuse junior personnel to the point of a master/slave relationship. Then there's the insurance scam the is absolutely corrupting our health care system from top to bottom. Another great failure of the U.S. Political system in D.C. from 1946 - 2006 today. Lack of real leadership, lack of real concern, lack of being Americans for America.

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