Monday, September 3, 2007

Winds of change

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 8:58 PM
I've avoided blogging for a few days in order to concentrate on getting a job, which I did today. Yeah. But it's a sign of the winds of change that are blowing. After submitting for at least 40 different jobs, I finally landed this one, which is $7500.00 less than I was previously making in two different jobs over the past four years. But that's the norm for this area in which I live. A norm that has been promoted by the company CEO's and city and county commisions. All whom travel in their own small circle of back slappers. Do I sound discontented?? Dissolussioned is a more appropriate term. With the 'establishment' of the local heirarchy, State and National politicians. I watched a NBC news report last night that talked of how asbestos and decay are the norm below the Nation's Capital buildings. So every Administration, every Congress (both Houses) for the past 30 years, have failed to ensure the few workers they relay upon, and building they work in, are in safe and good working order. The 'me' mentality not only permeates the 'California' lifesytle of the average American, so it does our Politicians. Immigration is the story of the day on talk radio and tonights talk TV shows. My ancestors came to the United States the correct way, they came and registered at point of entry. I can trace both my Norweigan and German heritage back to their home towns. How many of the 11 million illegals can trace their ancestory??? How many first generation Hispanic Americans can trace their ancestors back to their home towns?? This is the difference between the Americans in today's society, those who wanted to become Americans, and those who only want to take from America. I listened to the President yesterday morning, he was pretty adament about his feelings over the war in Iraq. It was stated that the Commanders on the ground would say if the war was going badly and we needed to withdrawl. No they would not. No military commander in the U.S. military would openly criticize the President's doctrine. They all know what happened to George Patton and Douglas McArthur when they did. Under Clinton's 'regime', several warrior officers were 'retired' when they spoke truth. No, commanding flag officers will no challenge the civilian leadership over strategy even when it's going wrong. It's yes sir/ aye aye sir, everything is fine sir. Which is why I WISH a new law would be passed not allowing any more major changes made to our military under every fracking Presidency that comes along. Civilians should not be doing any operational and/or tactical decisions concerning the military. If the military commanders feel that a place needs to be bombed regardless of what the polls and media think, then Fallujah should've been flattened. What a boondoggle that was. The way things are going though, lack of any real substancial fight against the terrorist and their supporters, lack of any real substancial fight to stem the tide of illegals, lack of any real substancial fight to stem gangs, criminals, and illegal drugs, lack of real courage and conviction by our Politicians today....the United States of America will become pages in a history book by 2040. What will remain will not be pretty, since this country will be raped from sea to shining sea.

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