Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The brilliance behind Ahmadinejad's speech

There has been much debate pro/con about the Iranian President's speech at Columbia University. Initially I was dead set against it due to the fact that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is himself a terrorist that took part in the defiling of the Diplomatic Mission and property of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and then holding diplomats prisoners against their will for a year. Since being President of Iran, he has moved forward with arming terrorist organizations in Lebannon, Gaza, West Bank, and most recently, using the Armed Forces of Iran to arm, train, and participate in armed action against U.S. , Coalition, and Iraqi military and police forces as well as innocent civilians. Recently, the Iranian Military has become more involved in assisting the terrorist in Afghanistan as well.
Linking this all to the speech, I was initally against this, but now, afterwards, I saw the briliance in letting Ahmadinejad speak. It brought out the best in free people to protest his presence. It most importantly, factually displayed by Ahmadinejad himself, his out right lies concerning the State of Israel, and freedom of speech, religion, and life within Iran.
The World, the free side of it anyway, saw how Ahmadinejad lied, danced around, or totally ignored answering the questions posed to him. The World now sees that Iran under Ahmadinejad is a country building it's own power for it's own purposes and is on a clear course of Middle East domination.
Against his speech is also moves that are very telling of the near future and what is on the minds of the dictators of the Middle East. In Syria, a rapid growth of military power to include weapons of mass destruction as demonstrated by the accidental explosion of a sarin gas missle that killed Syrian and Iranian technicians and military personnel in July. The recent Israeli air raid that supposeably took out nuclear componets supplied by North Korea. The Syrian build up of anti-aircraft equipment shows they are expecting a retalitory strike by Israel and the West. The build up along the Golan Heights. The continued killing of anti-Syrian Lebannonese politicians and people.
In Egypt, the shut down and arrest of opposition newspapers and politicans.
All coming at a time when Israeli politics is in a huge flux of appeasement and division.
In this deadly game of World Geopolitical-Religious poker, the powers that make up the more beligerrent Middle East Muslim run governments, it seems errily reminescent to the Yom Kippur War of 1973. But the stakes are much higher and the goal in the end is the rise of the new Persian, oops, I mean, Muslim Empire and Caliphe, lead by Iran of course. When Ahmadinejad opened his speech at Columbia University, he started off with the 'traditional' Muslim prayer of thanks to God and then said a reference to the 'Mahdi' in hope to soon to return.
Ahmadinejad believes he is the precursor to the final battle between Good and Evil and that Admadinejad himself is the one that bring forth the coming of the Mahdi. This will only be accomplished through an act of extreme violence and war and Iran under Ahmadinejad will be leading the Muslim World during this time.
Beware all other Arab States/Nations.....if you're not behind Ahmadinejad now, you will be under his boots soon.....that is his message if you can read between the lines. History, religious reference, and common sense realize that if Ahmadinejad presses forth his dreams of bringing the Mahdi, it will result in the end of a Middle East in burnt ruins.
The Countries and Governments of the Middle East are now at a crossroad of peace or war, the follow the rising Persian Empire, or be soverign nations under their course and destiny. Countries from the rest of the World will not sit idly by as a new age Hilter grows in power, history lessons from World War Two are too fresh for that to be allowed to happen again. Iraq has become indeed become the central front in the war of religion, but this war has more to do with Islam itself and the course Muslims worldwide wish and allow Islam to go.
Allowing Ahmadinejad to speak at Columbia was a stroke of political brilliance, on part of the free people of the World to see what a true fake, Ahmadinejad really is.

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