Monday, September 24, 2007

Health Care for real

This is my continuation of Hillary care(not). It is going to cost America more than just higher taxes and a new 'insurance' to purchase and pay for...and mandated at that. But what Hillary and her supporters have not taken into account is that ripple affect. She is going to throw a huge stone in the pond and that will cause quite a disturbance and ripples that will flow outward and cause massive change. Say this new 'health care' mandate passes. There will be no doubt a grace period but as with all grace periods and American spending/saving habits, that end date will come and American's will right where they were when Hillary's mandate went inot effect. Mortgages/rent will be due, car payments due, groceries need to be bought, cell phone, Cable TV, gas, electric, water, trash bills will be due. Then the credit card(s), loans will also be due. Now what about the other bills, subcriptions, that new TV, furniture bill(s). What of the other insurance bills now due, auto, health, dental, life. Now, thanks to Hillary, a new mandated health insurance bill is due to be payed. Sent off to where??? That new bureaucracy that she said was not going to exist but will have to be built to track every single American to ensure they have purchased this new insurance. How else will Hillary and her Socialist cronies be able to know if you have bought this insurance or not??!!! Only through another Government agency that will become hugely bloated and inefficient in a short course of time since National Security will shortly be tested under her Presidency.
I said that health care starts in the community. While at a hospital waiting room this morning, I read a story about a doctor in New Jersey I believe, (story is in Reader's Digest and my past 30 minutes I was reading about a Marine officer and his dog Lava, but couldn't find that doctor). Anyway, this doctor teamed up with several medical supply and support companies to get this clinic up and going, and uses his own time to see patients. This is what real health care is all about. If the United States is truely the best Nation in the World, then it's now time for all CEO's of these companies and hospitals, (rich lawyers too) to pony up and be real humanitarians and help their fellow Americans.
Time for communities to come together and build and maintain a walk in clinic for those who can not pay for health care. It should be limited to only those. People with health care plans and insurance need to stay with what they have and these free clinics need to have the ability to verify this. People seeking health care must submit their names and other required information, for health care purposes only, and the doctor-patient privilege privacy protection acts will keep their identity private and secure. Also it will serve as a cross reference to ensure no double dipping is taking place by those who have insurance but try to use the free system. A pay for services fee could be levied at $30.00 - $100.00 to those who have insurance but do not want to wait to be seen for a routine cold-like problem.
Community county and city commissions must meet with local hospital administrations and other civic leaders/organizations to begin building a structure and organization to meet the demands of the uninsured. What the Federal and State Governments can then do is provide tax money assistance and other incentives to help make this possible. The Federal and State Governments can also work with the giant pharmaceutical and medical supply companies to help offset cost of their products.
Creating a new bureaucracy in Washington D.C. is not going to solve anything. That will only give the politicians an excuse to divert tax money into their own pockets. Solving health care starts in the communties, not in Washington D.C.

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