Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hillary Care

I watched Hillary on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. She never once directly answered a single question. What I took away from that interview is that she has no doubt she will become Queen of the Reich in '09. Heaven help us. That will be the second nail in the coffin of the U.S. enroute to becoming Third World USA.
Taxes will increase upon the poor, the rich can pay increased taxes with a blink of the eye.
Mandating that all Americans will be required to buy/have health insurance is nothing short of authortarianism. You WILL have to have it. Democracy and choice will be dead under Hillary.
Why...hasn't anyone figured out a better option to health care such as more walk in clinics, more public walk in clinics. Starts at community level and goes up from there. State and Federal assistance will be integrated into each communities clinics in the form of monetary assistance depending upon the communities involvement.
All hospitals within each city should participate in operating these/this clinic to stem the flow of ER visits by non-life threatening issues....more to follow on this. But Hillary care is more bloated bureaucracy that will come from the taxes of the poor, not the rich. Bet on that.

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