Sunday, September 23, 2007

Strike while we have the power

I just finished a post about Dubai and it's maltreatment of the working class, especially the foreign nationals. This brought to mind how the United States is becoming economically poorer in comparison to countries such as Dubai and just their money can buy it's way into our National Security.
Our people, and our Government needs to seriously begin looking at the long range big picture of the World. Natural resources are depleting at a rate that exceeds any kind of conservation effort to match resources to population. Global warming or no global warming, fresh water is becoming scarce. Fish stocks are becoming smaller and smaller. Mankind has and is encroaching upon the very last bastions of the wild's, where even the reservations set aside are in perile of developers greed and mankinds continued growth.
I harken back to many old post of mine, maybe some even on the defunct Newsmax forums, where I discussed the old lesson I learned in a 1960's science class in elementary school. It was called the rat experiment. I remember it well because of the brutality that a like species could turn upon each other when the right environment existed.
For those of you who slept through that class, or whose school is too politically correct to teach anything, here is the rat experiment: Scientist took about 6 rats, put them in a box, they had food and water. Over a period of months, the rats multiplied but the food and water ratio was never increased nor the size of the box. After several months, the number of rats was way larger than the amount of food, water, and space could accommodate, so naturally, barbarism, canilbalism ensued until all the rats died from disease, despite having the same amount of food/ water still available that was started with.
Such as with mankind. We are getting at a point where our population is aggressively over using the amount of food/water available. This goes for oil too. Let's look at a 16 ounce bottle of water. Here in the States, on can buy a bottle of water for .50 cents. In Europe it cost $5.00 for a bottle of water, friends just returned this week from a trip there so my source is accurate.
Why such a disparity if water is so available???
What this all is leading to is my subject. The big picture. Survival. Currently, the United States is the lone World SuperPower. We have the power to take out any country we wish. We have the power to seize and control forever, any peace of land we wish. The price to be paid is the fact that we will have to become like the Mongols during the time of Ghengis Khan (Chinggis Khan for the historically accurate crowd). We will have to kill every person that is taller than the hub of a wheel, unless the submit totally.
But we as a people do not have the stomach for such brutality, which will most likely, be the demise of our Nation is some way. Our moral fiber is higher than that due to the current enormous social, economical success we are currently living under. But as we weaken as a Nation and our military becomes a shadow, there will be many who with 20/20 hindsight, will say, 'we should have done something when we were strong'. Mark those words.
I'm not advocating a genocidal attack upon anyone, but as long as beligerrent nations refuse to hold diologue and work in true common sense and humanity, we should use our military as the mighty arm it is and not worry of 'world public opinion'.
But I know what will happen. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are going to die within the next few years due to the inaction of governments around the World. Mankind will continue it's status quo of rich v. poor, the continual upheaval of history that repeats itself over and over. An empire rises, one falls. The rich and power become more so, those on the bottom suffer and die.
The utopian World of 'Star Trek', of We Are The World', of Kyoto Treaty Talks, of the Green Parties of the World,...they will never come to pass. If there was a chance, the United Nations would have worked by now. After such a horrible war that was the World War Two, where hundreds of millions died and perished, only five years later did the World again fight a small version of a World war upon the Korean penisula. Mankind did not even learn in that short span of five years, from the horrors of WW2.
So how could you, can you expect, a body like the United Nations to bring everlasting peace to the World? War drums are beating as we speak, for the Middle East they never have stopped, but now in South America, Chavez is building an army which he will use upon his neighbors, the PRC is building a modern military that it will use upon it's cousins and neighbors. A billion people in China live next to a billion people in India, how long before that space becomes too little for those populations??!! Russia is beating it's war drums. Iran.....wishes nothing more than to become again, the Great Persian Empire and Caliphe of the World. Wonder how the PRC thinks of giving up communism for islam?
We have the power now. Should we use it or lose it?

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