Monday, September 3, 2007

California Police Chases Florida Ladiesroom thefts

Friday, July 28, 2006 1:09 PM
It seems that at least once a month, a 'news alert' pops up on the cable news networks screens, and we all watch some idiot(s) flying down the California Interstates and city streets trying in vain to elude the police. These chases often last several hours as California's liberal societies have force rules to engagement to change in favor of the criminals. Many times, we've witnessed live, innocent lives lost due to the criminals being allowed to flee without attempts to stop them. They have been emboldened by both the liberal laws and media time they are given, often playing up to the news helicopter camera. We see these criminals crash the often stolen vehicle into innocent lives, people going about their daily lives, obeying the laws, striving to make an honest living, suddenly and forever changed due to the acts of these empowered criminals. It is not the actions of Law Enforcement that 'forces' these criminals to flee, it is the criminals own action of free will and choice, that cause all of the harm. But, liberal courts, laywers, politicians, media, and supporters have forced their notion of life to change common sense law that have empowered these criminals to drive without care, concern, or consequence. need to change those laws, and hammer these criminals from the outset, and give power and authority to Law Enforcement to use all means available to stop these insane criminals and threat to public safety. Today, in my local paper, is a story of common crime happening in public Health Clubs, where a female walks into the locker room, and with bolt cutters, steals peoples property and ruins their lives. In Miami, in the past two months, health fitness center locker rooms were targeted 19 times, this kind of crime is not localized, but growing. Now, when caught, these criminals should recieve automatically, no less than 15 years in prison. Between the California fleeing criminals and the Florida break in criminals, real LAW needs to be heavily enforced, for that is the only way to make a person think twice before acting out of their free will to commit a crime. Automatically, without any plea bargains, years in prison need to imposed upon criminal activity, such as Florida's 10 - 20 - Life gun crime law. The United States, as a Nation, needs to build a very large, twenty square mile prison somewhere around Arizona, New Mexico, or Nevada, without all the nice amentities, and these criminals need to serve their time there. Such as the kind of prison Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona runs. But it must be in a arrid, hot in the day, cold at night section of the American Southwest This kind of new national prison willl soon become infamous to common criminals as Alcatraz was to the worse of criminals. It would cause someone to think twice before committing a crime knowing that NevZona, AriXco, NevTah, whatever, awaits in their future. No liberalista can say that it's the economy and social-political factors causing these people to commit crimes, not in the USA in 2006. And not when anyone can open any major newspaper and see available and viable employment opportunities for all. Those old arguements do not hold water no more. But, you dear reader, had better act soon, empowering this idea to your politicians, before you and/or your family member becomes a victim to one of these mindless criminals.

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