Monday, September 3, 2007

Not a World War??

Thursday, July 27, 2006 8:57 PM
While the rest of world and most notiably, the American public at large, goes about it's daily life of watching 'reality TV', the next world war is growing. Both Syria and Iran are openly assisting Hezbollah, since the Hezbo's are in fact, nothing more than an armed militia of mainly the Persian Empire....I mean Iran. Europe it's reported is leaning on the American's to lean on Israel to 'wrap up' the fighting in southern Lebanon. Europe is deadly afraid of it's Muslim population, that may soon ignite a 'culture' psuedo-religious war inside of Europe proper. I find it amazing that Europe, which used to be so heavily Christian, is afraid. At a time, if this is indeed a religious war as Zawahiri is calling for, Europe and many Americans are failing to believe in God's word that He will protect Israel and those who fight along side of the Jews. Chavez from Venezuela is on a world trouble making trip to Iran and Russia, no doubt kissing butt and gaining arms and ammunition to harden his iron grip on his country and people. With a growing muslim community in South America, Iran no doubt will send some Iranian Repubican Guard commandos to Venzeuala to train Islamo-fasict ideology to young impressionable minds to attack Americans and Amerian property. This front in South America is going to soon become active and the frgaile democracies and peaceful people that live there, will themselves become victims of the world wide war brought on by Islamic radicalism. The World's best hope, is to support Israel 100%, and defeat Hezbollah, and strike heavily at both Syria and Iran. Then maybe the rest of the Middle East may live in peace and so will the rest of the World. If this chance is missed, then the war will indeed spread until the entire world is in flames, far worse than the Second World War. If Kofi Annan was indeed a leader of the United Nations, he would have flown directly to Damascus to demand an end of hostilities from those meeting there this day in Damascus. But I've yet to see Kofi be a man and do the right thing. He's put many 'Blue Helmuts' in harms way, yet he himself has yet to go in harms way for the good of the World. Today's was his chance, he might have one more before it's too late.

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