Monday, September 3, 2007

Wild Ride on my Blog

Welcome to my world, it's going to be an intense, funny, and hopefully learned experience for all. I've spent years writing post onto 'threads' of NewsMax, WorldNetDaily, SciFi, and Military.Com discussion boards. Some of it was a great exchange of ideas, much of it gets lost into an exchange of insults and defending a position I know I"m right in (from my biased view anyway) or proving facts to those too lazy to do research for themselves. Much of my blogging will be centered on politics and the military and those areas that affect each. I'll also dwell into off the norm topics too just as an aside. So to start letting you, dear reader, get to know where I'll be coming from, I"ll give a few choice thoughts on some recent events. Israel-Hezbollah-Hamas war: It's their war, but it's easy for the blind person to see that Israel is reacting justifiably to assaults upon it's people and soverignty. The time is now to put terrorism on a major trail of defeat and those who support those terrorist. If this chance is let go, the future will be far more dangerous for all. Iraq: has become a quagmire due to political correctness in fighting a war. Many of the DNC and Liberal left of Hollywood have done 'grave damage' to our national security in their words and deeds and someday, need to be held accountable. North Korea: the current response by both the UN and US is appropriate. Miss Universe: Trump is loosing it. Miss Japan was a far superior candidate to represent the World. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: Good movie, but slow in some spots, the island of multi-ethnic natives and over-done big time in the make up of Davy Jones and his dead man's crew. Didn't look like pirates but Star Wars characters in the Mos Eisley Cantina scene. There is a brief download of thought for you dear reader to consume. Chat again soon.....bp

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