Monday, September 3, 2007

Fast and furious future

Saturday, September 16, 2006 10:21 PM
I heard a story on CNN today about youth's living out the movie The Fast and the Furious in real life. But it's not in the USA, not in Japan, it's in Russia. It's a huge and growing movement of the young people there, uncontained by the strict hand of Putin. The World needs to watch Russia pretty closely, things are not as held together as they once were. The KGB under the USSR kept the lid on much of what is happening there today. Capitalsim brought opportunity to Russia, but without the honesty of good people and the old Soviets still running things, that meant using brute force to do business. So all things illegal to the West has prospered in Russia. The youth of Russia are captivated by the live wild and loose lifestyle they seen and precieve from movies and music that come out of the US and EU. The youth of Russia have no inner calling to serve 'The State', to work and study hard and build a honest life. An inner turmoil exist in Russia unseen by most, the tug of war between the Soviets and the free wheeling youth and criminal gangs. The amount of 'porn' pouring out of the old Soviet Empire is staggering, which is very evident of the large criminal enterprises that exist. The few that try to make an honest living are either jailed by Putin's government as in the case of that huge oil company CEO, or news outlets shut down by the FSB, or people are murdered as in the banker just recently killed by the criminal underground, there was a newspaper editor as well that was killed by 'unknowns'. We have our problems, but Russia, is very resemblent of it's Navy....most of it rusting and sinking pierside, the rest struggling to just stay afloat. A fast and furious future awaits Russia. China may not be long behind for a repeat of Russia's growing pains towards capitalism and freedom of it's people.

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