Monday, September 3, 2007

Few thoughts on 9/11

Monday, September 11, 2006 11:31 PM
We watched the movie the past two nights, Path to 9/11. Typical....the worker bees know what is going on, know how to fix it, but those at the top are totally incompetent, inept, and as Massood said, 'are there any men left in Washington?'. Fair to say that the movie showed both Administrations are strangle held by lack of real will and strength. As we watched President Bush deliver his speech, I told her he's on his 'A' game tonight because he's talking about something he believes in. That I have no doubt in him. Some other observations most likely missed by mainstream media both radio and TV, that the wonderful peaceful religion of Islam is making strides again to put the World back into the 10th Century. I gleened snip-its of Islamic Government's/Religious leaders issuing new rulings that would not allow WOMEN to worhsip in Mosques. You ladies are not worthy to them, just keep being baby factories and keep the children healthy and you'll be 'honored'. Also, the Saudi Police have issued a new law (Sept 8th) that dogs and cats are no longer allowed to be bought/sold. They are unworthy parts of Western influence. So if you like your dog or cat, Lassie & Garfield, too bad, in the name of Islam, take them out behind your house and dispose of them. Or take them down to the Humane Society and they'll inject them with a dose....I could get graphic but you may have to one day do this for their own good, I had to once, and it hurt. The more I learn and hear about Islam and it's practices, the more the picture is becoming clear that who the real enemy is and I know what needs to be done. Now when this country was built, one of the big movements was to escape religious persecution and allow people to practice their religion without government interference. But here's the crutch in 2006, one of those religions wants to do away with all other religions and practices of self government and govern soley upon the one religion. I hear the arguments about and against profiling. I hear arguments/questions about why aren't Muslims standing up for America? People say we non-muslims must be tolerant and understanding. In World War Two, our Government rounded up all people of Japanese decent and put them in internment camps because a then very hostile and ill guided government and people were seeking domination over us. Today, another group of people seek to do the same and dominate the people of the United States, but we can't round up all muslims. Truth is not enough American civilians haven't been killed yet for that to happen. Here's the difference between two groups of people who live in America, one group desired to be Americans no matter what happened, no matter what their 'ancestorial' relatives thought. The Japanese volunteered to show their patriotism and love for the United States and formed the 442nd Regiment of the 100th Brigade and fought for the Stars and Stripes. They did this within two years of the World War. Now five years into a war against radical Islam, why hasn't the muslim population in the U.S. done the same and go fight in Iraq and/or Afghanistan???? I doubt the ACLU would condone a seperate military unit based on religion much less the lack of again, leadership at the top to make that move. So how about a private security firm, with CIA liasion, doing the same?? Most likely this is a rhetorical question. God bless America. God bless those who serve and have served. Gob bless the true feedom fighters passengers on flight United 93 who fought against Islamic fascism.

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