Monday, September 3, 2007

At what point Common Sense?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006 10:45 PM
While doing the daily activities of my job, I had the radio on. ABC News reported a story about ten children being killed this past year by TV's falling on them. Congress is now considering a law requiring manufacturers to put warning labels and safety brackets on/with their products. Under this same law, labels need to go on every automobile made stating operating and/or riding in this vehicle may cause injury or death. Labels need to be put on the wrapping of every fast food product stating eating too much of this product may cause weight problems associated with heart disease. Under this law, labels also need to be put on every tree in America stating if this tree falls on you, it may cause injury or death. How in heck, did Ameicans make it through the 17,18, and 1900's without labels on everything that could cause harm to them? Or how did they make it covered wagons/on horses without proper safety equipment, the ACLU, and Hollywood to save them? I saw on the evening news that Ali Hamadi was released from a German prison for the TWA Flight 847 terrorist hijacking/murder, and you know the rest of the sorbid story dear reader, that this murderer went back to being a murderer and 'rejoined' his group. So common sense for both of these last two items. Without using common sense and protection, material items will always hurt human beings, so thought and understanding must always be taken when dealing with everyday life. As for Hamandi, by not keeping him in jail or just executing him, there are at this very moment, innocent people totally unaware that their path will cross with this murderer and their lives will be lost. But that future could have been prevented. For a little fuel for Third World USA. I noticed that there was an increased number of people's second hand auto's, boats, and RV's sitting on the unofficial intersection sales lots. People are still being squeezed for paying for daily living. Gas has come down and I saw the local news report, one guy with a business, and one young girl, both made statements that food was now back in their lives. People gave up food for gas. Neither of these people were the overweight love to eat types. Apple released a new version of it's IPOD. Someone stated that they found another way to take money out of our pockets....of course that's the choice of people whether to purchase or not. But I wonder, how is this form of manufactoring going to assist the country and build futures for the greater masses?? Like a steel company would, or auto or airline plant? Last thought which I made in a comment to a reader.....the past four years the Democrats (politicians, Hollywoodistas), have been yelling at the Bush Adminstration how is Iraq connected to 9/11. Last night the President answered (again) and today they at DNC Inc howled about the President's speech. Talk about being 'political'....bunch of hypocrites. Common Sense says and knows that all politicians saw the same intel prior to the Iraq War and said go get Saddam. Now all the terrorist have been converging on Iraq to kill Americans 'there' and not finding ways to get over here to kill us here. Dear reader, think like an Intel type, and why do we want to keep the fight over there?? It's pretty deep actually and very smart. The bad guys for the past three years have been going after the soft underbelly of the Free World if you haven't noticed, and not coming after us, America. Eliminate the allies until the one stands alone. Pretty smart strategy. But ours is better......

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