Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just so much news lately

Let's start off with the New York Times and MoveOn.Organistas. It's blantantly obvioous that MoveOn is a leftist (anti-capitalist-pro-Socialist-anti-conservative) organization. It's now blantantly obvious that the New York Times IS NOT a newspaper of journalist integrity, but is nothing more than a political publishing source for the DNC, MoveOn, and any leftist, non-American organization. I encourage everyone to stop subscribing to or buying the New York Times. It is not objective journalism done by investigative reporters, but a political aparatik organization. Remember the old black and white movies, some kid yelling: "Paper, get your paper here"...and people would eagerly open and read the newspaper to get the plain facts of a story. That is not the New York Times today, every word one reads will now have to be read with extreme skeptism, especially after the MoveOn.Organistas attack ad against Gen. Petraeus, and essentially the entire U.S. Military.

Clouds of war: North Korea has been dismantling it's nuclear facilities all right....getting money from suckers like the U.S. Government to do so, and getting money from the parts from Syria to build the nuclear plant there. Did Syria go throught the IAEA and U.N. to request assistance in open for help in developing a nuclear plant??? Nope. They did it under a shroud of secrecy and deception in order to build their own nuclear ambitions and eventually, weapons. The People's Republic of China, People's Liberation Army and China's Intelligence Service (with names like Office 610, National Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau ) have been using cyber warfare against our Pentagon, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Japan in the past few months. The attacks are preparatory and information seeking in nature, no doubt in keeping on a certain time line for a very near future military assault on Taiwan. The PRC will host the 2008 Olympics in attempt to lull the World into believing the PRC is a non-belligerent nation, but after the Olympics, stand by for the Dragon to breath fire upon the World.
Russia: has Putin just lost his mind? Or is he showing us his true color - Soviet Red. With the growth of his 'youth movements' which are very similiar to the Brown Shirts in 1930's Germany, his disolving of Government, putting his cronies into power. Doesn't he get it, the Stalin ways are over in the 21st Century. He will accoomplish one of two things by his moves: one - he will put Russia back fifty years under his own dictatorship as the monetary system collapses under the 'Soviet' boots on it's neck while he tries to recreate the old Soviet Union and Empire, two - create a civil war within Russia as pro-democracy/capitalist believing people revolt against the ultra-nationalist/Soviets. Whichever, the World had better be ready for a bad future ahead for Russia unless an act of God takes Putin out.
Venezeula: has Chavez just lost his mind? Duh. I feel for the people of Venezuela. They had such a bright future of real growth and progress. Now with Chavez doing his own brand of the Cuban Revolution through buying off the economically poor and implimenting terrorism against democracy supporters, Chavez is going to take Venezuela down a very bad path that will lead to it's demise. No dictator has ever built up an army without using it against it's neighbors as well as it's own people.
Again, this just proves that the United Nations is a failure in practice. In concept it was a great idea, but in practice, it has been a horrific failure especially in Africa and South East Asia where millions have died in genocidal wars. The failure of the United Nations as a platform for World discussion and peace, is causing the Nations of the World to band together in their own geographical unions. The EU, ASEAN, Arab League, MERCOSUR, etc, etc. History is going to repeat itself again within thirty years as a horrific World War consumes much of humanity, this with the current course mankind is taking. Water, oil, food, will become reasons that Nations go to war as well as populations keep increasing and man fails to adapt in their own enviroment and displace nature's environment.

More later dear reader......Hollywood and the coming act of God.

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