Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why I like Japanese TV

When one (being American) thinks of Japanese TV, one thinks of the crazy game shows, which are a good laugh, or Godzilla. Over the past few years, being that my better half is originally from Okinawa, we rent many Japanese language DVD's to watch. Me, being a typical American, I speak English, and a smattering of Spanish courtesy DoD, so my wife will give me the condensed version translation as we watch.
We watch a comedy newlywed show, a 'Discovery' /game show, and many different movies, and a few drama series. I've gleaned more information from that 'Discovery' show that any I've seen on our Disv/TLC/AnmlPlnt/Trav channels. They go everywhere and do it in a 60 minute show that is also entertaining as a game show.
What I also like about the movies is that, there's no constant, blantant, sex, sex, sex that has mired Hollywood's idea of film. Plus many of the movies have very common man/woman themes. For instance, we watched the movie "Yamato", which was about the battleship 'Yamato', and the story centered not around the Captain-Officers, wives, Diplomats, and cheating and sex, sex, sex, but was a real story that centered on an enlisted group that manned an anti-aircraft gun. Also loosely was told the story of the head cook. It was a very good movie. We watched a movie, kind of like Cinderella Man, well, it was a very good movie that had a positive message. No one was killed, no one was taking drugs, no one was having sex every ten minutes.
One of the daughter's gave my wife a DVD rental they had, 'Crash'. I was a bit skeptical going in, and my skeptism was dead on. Crash was a very over the top character stereotype, and we got about 10 minutes into it before we both 'crashed' and hit the off button.
About a month ago, we watched a movie about a real life person: Teresa Teng who was a singer who hit it big in the 1970/80's. What struck me the most about Teresa Teng was her conviction of humanity, freedom, and democracy. Hollyweird has it's own brand of pseudo-conscience celebrities, but none of the walk their talk. Teresa did. She went to a pro-democracy rally despite government order's barring her from doing so in Hong Kong when the Commies were taking control.
During that scene, I thought about Hollywood-weird's current crop of comparison females to Teresa - Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and even throw in Madonna, and none of them could stand in the same room as Teresa. Our Western version of the pop idol is so self absorbed, the truth plight of mankind's struggles are truely unknown to the like aforementioned.
I used to be a big movie, TV hound, but since about 1990, there has been a continual decline in American TV/Movie production and product. Now with Kathy Griffin's anti-Christian remark and stance, it only demonstrates and adds fact that Hollwyood is truely in a moral, ethical, and creative decline. While I"m on this subject of Kathy Griffin's trash talk and Hollywood/Los Angeles attack on Christianity, I am giving this warning. God said He is a jealous and vengful God, and one of His big warnings was to never worship 'idols' over Him. So if one morning soon, you flip on your morning TV news show (mine is Fox & Friends) and see "News Alert": Massive quake slides California into sea. I believe there will be a good 'celestrial' warning prior, God's last chance to mend your ways warning. But, the more Los Angeles becomes Sodom, the sooner the 'big one' will hit.
Oh yeah, I heard you in the rear, saying, what about all those Japanes 'manga' comics and movies about rape, mascocism, horror......that is called 'culture creep'. It's a cancer that plagues many Nations outside of the U.S. A cancer I call: "Kalifornification". Look at any bad kind of social behavior that is's source can be traced to California. Al Qaeda is something else, they are just murderers, pure and simple. I'm talking the negative anti-social, destructive behaviors of youth in a progressive society. Rap music and it's lifestyle is one of thee biggest, followed by illicit drug use, which almost go hand in hand these days. Kalifornification, the cancer the U.S. gave the World.
TMZ started their own TV show this past week and to TMZ's credit, they did a 'man in the street' spot where a reporter was asking grown women that were out 'clubbing' when 9/11 happend in what year. The majority did not know, and one woman said 'who cares'. I guess her and James Brolin can both have a Happy 9/11 next year when it gives the in California another 'excuse' for 'a party', to use drugs illictly, drink to excess, and have sex with whomever they wish while burning a Christian bible. That in a nutshell is today's California.
We used to enjoy watching all of the Award shows, but since the decline in behavior of the men and women of the silver screen and vinyl recordings, we quit, as many Americans have quit. I'd rather rent a Japanese DVD TV show and gain something valuable than waste my time on a waste of humanity.

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