Sunday, September 16, 2007

DNC Strategy for Iraq

For well over two years, every mouth piece the DNC has keep saying the same thing: "we need a new strategy for Iraq". The main theme of the DNC strategy has come out as 'cut and run". The DNC offers no other plans, ideas, tactics, strategy, or even gossip, on what to do other than 'cut and run'.
Anytime that a DNC candidate or mouthpiece, MoveOn., CodePink, starts yakking about the Republicans or Bush Administration needing a new strategy, pin them down and have them tell you exactly detail by detail what their strategy for Iraq is.
What they, DNC'ers-Socialist, do not ever want to recognize or acknowledge is that if the U.S. would do what they want, 'cut n' run, is that a power vacume will exist immediately and what/who will replace that space?? Ask them that.

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