Monday, September 17, 2007

The 'R' Word - Third World USA - the Fourth nail.

One of the main reasons behind creating BirdsEyeView ( and now WorldBirdsEyeView was to have a platform previously unavailable to someone such as me, the common man. A platform where I could relate to the World, views that someone such as me, a common, primarily blue collar average person see's things. Often, things I see are seen by others, though not vocalized to many basically out of fear of rejection, humiliation, arrest, or just plain being ignored.

Over the many years I have observed many things. Most people will tell you that I'm one of the quiet types, which I believe would make the World a better place if many people would just shut up. If you don't have anything constructive to say, then say nothing. I'm currently witnessing how 'gossip' is destroying my wife's workplace, gossip coming from one of the most common corners, cigarette smokers. (If you don't believe me, just go 'hang out' with the smokers for a month, you'll hear all the gossip) Gossip is often, 10% truth, 60% speculation, 30% lies.

Now, to the 'R' word. I was listening to a local morning radio talk show while I was cleaning my koi pond. A caller, whose voice and terms easily identified him as a local senior citizen called into the radio show that was discussing today, Constitution Day. Many callers had thoughts on how the U.S. Constitution has come under attack by the very politicians that control Washington D.C., and the mainstream media as well. As I said earlier, I have observed things over the years, and I have witnessed the growing divide in this country more over politics than race or religion. The U.S. is increasingly becoming a Nation divided between those who believe Federal Government needs to handle people's lives from cradle to grave. Those who believe in the individual freedom of each person. I've blogged often about Third World USA and the several nails that are leading this Nation into a Third World status. Today I heard it from a senior citizen caller. Someone who has gone through the Two World Wars, the Great Depression, the radical Sixties, techno boom of the 80's (technology used today was created back in the 80's), said a word I fear that is in our very near future on the current track we are taking.
REVOLUTION What will take place will not be civil war such as this Nation faced back in 1860, but a revolution of the poor, conservatives, libertarians, against the socialist. It may hopefully be a peaceful revolution, but I fear as others do as well, that a revolution is coming to the United States. Under the current conditions of continual economic, moral, political decline, it's inevitable, not improbable. A peaceful revolution took place in 1994 when the Republican Party dominated the House and Senate in elections. This showed the frustration that is growing among the people with the status quo adopted by the ruling 'elite' and CEO's that the elite can contiually say towards the masses: "let them eat cake".
Another caller talked about history as well, how history is repeating itself. Democracy was created by the Athenians in Greece, and for 200 years, democracy was the rule of law. Then socialism crept in as the people became placated by the 'ruling elite', then dictatorship government followed. We are on the same path as a representative republic based upon democracy is being replaced by a more socialist form of government (lifetime welfare!!!!), and should Hillary and her 'It Takes a Village to raise (your) child' mentality get ultimate POWER, then socialism will truely have taken root as the governing form in the United States.
Mankind has historically a short term memory, for each war is often followed by several years of peace as the horror of war does not want to be revisited. So the short attention span of today's American is not in reality anything new, it's just historical.
As I type, Kronijin Des Reich Hillary, has announced her 'plan' on health care for America, which by quick read, is more socialism, more 'mandated' Government control over the individual. The tighter the government grabs the lapel of working America, the more America pulls back until we reach the point, we punch back to get released from Government's grasp.

p.s. I edited this post today to reflect the proper sequence, i.e. it's the Fourth nail in the coffin of the United States.

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