Monday, September 3, 2007

Katrina's uncommon sense

Monday, August 28, 2006 9:24 PM
After a day of work as I watched NBC's Nightly News and had my supper (my wife is working....this is 2006 America, takes two to build a decent household these days) the Katrina 'Anniversary' stories were popping up. Oh joy. A couple of things ran across my mind as the stories went by, this is going to sound racsist, so keep this for future ammunition against me if I do anything political, but the majority of the stories concerned Blacks, African Americans. I thought white people and oriental people were flooded out too???? As I watched the archived films of the Super Dome fiasco, the majority of people were Black. All the shots displayed by NBC showed Black men and women shouting about where's the help, where's the food, water? Where was Farakhan I wondered, and his NATION of Islam. Where was Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition??? Where was the Reverand Al Sharpton and his flock?? Far away that's for sure and uncaring all of them. For if they lived up to the rheteric they say, an army of Black Americans would've swarmed upon the New Orleans area and taken those people out. Fact is, FACT IS....they did not come for their 'brothers and sisters'. The Blacks in New Orleans at the Super Dome and still in there now flooded homes, waited for the Federal Government to arrive and take them out. Now a year later, it's estimated a total of 220,000 people are living elsewhere, mostly in Houston, Texas (and I"ve heard the stories of Black on Black violence there has grown threefold). Why didn't all those Black people in New Orleans leave before Katrina hit??? And why did they keep crying out for assistance afterwards and to this day?? Because unlike that Professor Dystrum (sp?) I saw interviewed, since the Civil War ended, the majority of Black America has grown accustomed to hand outs by the Federal Government and it's become an increasing generational process of implied Federal Assistance based soley on race. Thus, generations of Black Americans have grown accustomed to receiving money, housing, for the single item of skin color and ancestorial heritage and that psycology has made them victims to themselves. I thought of the rebuilding process, how could these people of very limited financial means even dream of having the 'American Dream' of owning their own home?? If they build a house, how can they finance it since most banks demand 'INSURANCE' in case of flood, etc. Insurance, what about 'mold protection', termites. The list is endless of what can crush a person's dream due to the growing hold of Corporate Law over this Nation of once free people. Democracy, it's being said, is under attack by radical Islam, which it is, but also by Corporate greed unchecked by those voted to serve this Nation's people as their duly elected Representatives. Unchecked by those who wear the black cloak on our Nations Judicial benches. Unchecked by anyone makes a swearing oath to protect and serve the people of the United States. For anyone should be allowed to build a home, with common sense building codes of course, but the means to which a build a home should not be predicated by private business companies under the guise of 'insurance'. This translates into our health system as well. I was listening to today's local radio talk show, and this woman called in and talked about Vanishing Absolutes concerning today's leadership and culture. More tomorrow on this dear reader, my short time is about up, I have a working man's life and a family to take care of.

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