Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day reflections

Monday, September 04, 2006 10:44 PM
I spent the day with my wife, a great blessing from God. We worked on the yard, we went for ice cream, we had family over for supper. It was a good day for us. I watched the news, it was a bad day for so many people, for families of 8 U.S. military personnel killed fighting for some reason I'm losing sight of. And especially a sad day for Mrs. Steve Irwin. I said to my wife, the World lost a good person today, why couldn't Acne the American Al Quida die? Why couldn't a thousand of those other murderous low life waste of human flesh have died instead? Steve gave to the World, all those 'islamist' do is take, kill, and take and kill more. I read where illegals were protesting in Phoenix today, not much better than the Islamist, all they want to do is take what other's have fought for, bleed for, died for, built, nurished, cared for. What have all these illegals done?? Pick some fruits and veggies, build a few houses, mow some yards.... hey all that was being done long before Mexico's government decided to move it's people into the U.S. My phone has been ringing all day with automated political calls, I left the answering machine on all day, screw all you politicians, you should know better than to bother people at home on their day off. Lucky for some I already voted via absentee ballot. I was on forum earlier replying to a thread about work after the military, getting into Civil Service....what a joke that have to be in the right place, at the right time, and have a hook up inside, otherwise, the reality is forget it. Another thread talked about problems in the private sector military personnel notice. Pretty unnanimously, it's observed that civilian companies do not like to hear military personnel's leadership insight, that fear is the regulator to productivity, and that most former military do not have high hopes for a grand second career in the civiilian sector, that it will turn out to be just a job and paycheck and nothing more rewarding. I was listening as well to talk radio and I've observed that the big three talking heads when it comes to replying to callers concerning work, insurance, the future, have extreme tunnel vision. The big three all bombast the callers with get a better education, this is America, blah blah blah, vote Republican without hestitation, blah blah blah, we have great lives because we all worked hard.........scretching of tires now......not every American has a family to back them up when they fall, not every American even with family has the right doors open at critical times. The big three fail miserably to understand the common blue collared American worker that has is at least second generation American. Seems like the big three are sitting there with Nero, watching Rome burn all telling themselves, that's the camp fire burning. Now for the other side....the typical crowd of cronies, Boxer, Biden, Dean, Schumer all calling for SecDef Rumsfeld's resignation. I guess their constituents all have no problems at home. I guess playing politics and creating divicism among the American people is more important than fighting terrorism as one people. Getting their name in the news is more important than solving the illegal immigration problem, ensuring every tunnel, bridge, and electrical grid in their respective State is safe and operational. Politicians piss me off to say the least because of their sheeer greed and stupidity and lack of real concern for the American People when I see crap like this (Rummy's job) ahead of what they really should be doing. Rumsfeld has done a magnificent job at SecDef, Congress has failed the U.S. Military again, again, again. Each politician uses the military for their own greedy goals, but it's an unfortunate byproduct of our Constitution our Fore-Fathers didn't fore see happening two hundred years later. It's back to work tomorrow for both my wife and I, for which the Big Three talking heads don't realize that this is the norm for Americans that it takes two working adults to scratch out a decent living to pay off the failures of our government officials and the greed of corporate America. I need to calm down a bit because thinking of the talking heads and the politicians, inside I"m going *&^%$#%$^&** to all of them. Happy Labor Day, whoop dee doo.

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