Monday, September 3, 2007

Mel, Muslims, Media

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 8:23 PM
Kind of funny in a sad way how all three interact and depond upon each other. It's sad, very sad, what happened to Mel Gibson, but money and power corrupt, and asbolute money and power corrupt absolutely as it is said. The Hollywood media is spinning this situation with Mel so far out of control and above the real relevency that is should be. But the liberal left of Hollywood are jumping for joy at the prospect of attacking him since his great epic movie Passion of the Christ proved that conservative values far outweigh the adultary, drug use, and disrepect of law and order that most of Hollywood and California live by. Watch how much they attack now, and try to use this sad event in Mel's life to attack anything conservative, Christian, and in the general good of mankind. I received an email from a friend that shows an 8 year old boy in Iran, getting his arm run over by a car on purpose, for supposeably stealing a loaf of bread. This is the kind of mentality that may have an atomic weapon very soon. Direct action against these people must happen for the good of all mankind. Stop the 'nazi's' Islamo-fascist before they start their march on the world.

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