Monday, September 3, 2007

NIE and Politicians

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 8:47 PM
We get bits n' pieces of what this mysterious NIE says about Iraq and other items. I heard about the bits a few days ago and believe it's relatively true about Iraq and the terrorist paradigm. As I wrote earlier, having so many Americans over there in Iraq has given the terrorist 'reason' to recruit and fight their insane jihad. Iraq is going to slip into civil war as long as we maintain so many troops there, it gives them time not to build their country, but time to build their personal armies as our 'army' maintains order and builds infrastructure. The US needs to move troops out, not bring more in, but maintain a sizeable presence in the north with the Kurds and a base near Kuwait in the south. Let the Iraqi's settle their differences in the middle either violently or peacefully and it's a problem that the other countries of the Middle East need to be involved with. Our idea of freedom and democracy does not translate into their minds, this is the crux and reason behind the problem that keeps the populace from 'embracing' democracy as we know it. As long as such a sizeable contingent of American targets remain, the status quo as we have seen it over the past two years will not change. Move more troops to Afghanistan and build bases there, and eliminate the Taliban once and for all. Our politicans in D.C. have done nothing to solve the problem, but continue to play politics for personal/party gains. Our miltiary must be saved from our politicans!

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