Monday, September 3, 2007

Nutshell Third World USA

Sunday, September 10, 2006 1:01 PM
I made a statement earlier this last week I would write out a few thoughts and explanations. This is number two on my list of my personal to-do today. One was to wash my truck, it's an investment, it's the only way I have to get to work to pay for the thing so I have to take care of it. Now that dear reader, gets me to a sidebar about our society and way of living today, the automobile. But, that's not why you here today, more later on that thought. Third World USA grew out of both personal experiences and observations of daily living. After retiring from the military I had to find a new job and hopefully career. Life, for what ever reason, has kept me here in my fair little city/community, so it was necessary for me to find work. Now work in this area is based upon mainly tourism, so the majority of work one finds is customer service industry, be it house building, hotel positions, flipping burgers, selling parfume' at Parisian's. There's minimal major manufacturing mostly due to environmentalist concerns and some bad management. But the 'community' in a eighty mile radius keeps growing, but mostly way over priced condo's, and more customer service malls, shops, restaurants, etc. There are military bases in the area, but they too have succumed to contracting for a lower wage v. civil service (and that's a sidebar issue too). I also began looking, seeing, and hearing on TV/radio, weekly news stories of major manufacturing and other major companies, laying off 'thousands' or outright closing. Now there's more people seeking employment at a lower wage since their skills before are unable to fit them into a similiar position where they live. Economics dictates that they find work or lose their home and starve. Much of our manufacturing has gone overseas, much of our online support has gone overseas, and much of our foreign investors have left and went elsewhere overseas. I've heard that the People's Republic of China could really sink our economy by selling all the U.S. bonds they hold since our politicians for the past three decades have all been short sighted self serving idiots and did not see this coming. I know many of our CEO's are driven by greed (WorldCom, Erron) and you dear reader know a boss or two who put self before employees. So begin adding all this up. Manufacturing moving overseas, investors pulling out, greed and incompetence, rise of 'customer service' industries at minimal wages, a war without end and politicians with lack of will to fight what/whom/how needs to be fought, a general public malaise towards the economy and war, general public putting Hollywood and it's lifestyle above the common good, moral and religious practices, politicians putting self before Nation, State, or City, Universities more concerned about teaching just plain crap to generate a dollar value instead of science, mathmatics, industry, and history (remember that adage, forget history you will repeat it) and look where we are going. We're at a crossroad as a Nation right now. All week, politicians have been more concerned about a movie, than putting all their money and resources into finding Bin Laden. This crossroad once taken is going to take this Nation either to further prosperity and growth, or to where what was once a great Nation is now a fragment society where other countries come to play, get drunk, and 'screw the native women'. Dear reader, realize, there is not a third option, there is not a middle ground, there is not a happy liberal uptopia in the end. I said this is a nutshell explaination, a more detailed one I would've include names of people, companies, statistics, quotes, but you have seen and read them all yourself and maybe not even realized the fragments of information are all leading to this one conclusion. So when I end a post with 'fuel for Third World USA', you might understand that now too. I'm going to go watch a new DVD movie release 'United 93', for you know what tomorrow is. God Bless America ... well He did and it's up to us to keep His blessing growing.

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