Monday, September 3, 2007

Shotgun, Teapot, Pond

Friday, September 08, 2006 11:05 PM
As I was driving today, thinking of what to write about today, I thought of how my ideas come to me and how I convey them crept in. So to help you dear reader, to understand where I'm coming from and why, I give you, the Shotgun, Teapot, and Pond. I say more often than not, my postings are from a 'shotgun' response to a news story or situation. It's a gut reaction that often is filled more emotion than thought. Then there's the 'teapot', where I'll take something of interest and put it in the back of my mind, gather more information, let it set longer, then get it out there. Finally, the 'pond', where I'll calmly see something of interest, soak it in, relax, then take my time putting it on 'paper' to speak. I have a teapot thought tonight. This one I've talked often to friends and family about. It's about (If you not Ameican and reading this, you'll probably agree). In the course of my job today, I have to stop at a nursing home. While walking out, I thought of first, just shoot me..please...if I end up in one of those places. Secondly, I"m glad I"m male and expected to die by age 74, since most of the 'residents' were women. My trip took me to a room occupied by two women, while I was there for only one, the other lady's eyes lit up thinking that someone was there to see her. All I could do was give a genuine smile and greeting before my hasty departure. America is one of the only countries that en masse, puts it's elderly in group homes, mostly out of economic reasons to other family members, and healthcare for that elderly person the other reason. There is a paradigm in the United States, an outcome of both our daily living and our healthcare. Americans over 50 live in what I call 'The Triangle'. The Triangle starts at the home/apartment, then goes directly to the hospital/doctor's office, from there, it shoots directly to the Pharmacy, and then returns to home. Whatever stops there are inbetween are part of the Triangle's pattern, but the main three exist in the dialy lives of almost every American over 50. At least once a week, the majority of Americans over 50 will travel within that Triangle. Sometimes there's a cause 'n effect Triangle that is almost as religiously followed, it goes from 'home', to the 'buffet', to Wal Mart or favorite box store. This triangle is another fuel factor to Third World USA. What the heck is Third World USA??? Read back a few of my earlier postings and you'll understand. But I plan on updating the definition this weekend, as well as a few shotgun thoughts on the politics of this past week. Preview: same story as everyone else is talking about..Path to 9/11, the DNC and their blatant censorship attacks on the First Amendment.

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