Monday, September 3, 2007

The media The truth

Thursday, September 07, 2006 9:37 PM
Seems that ABC's upcoming docu-drama The Path to 9/11 has created quite a buzz. Good. The truth hurts and when the truth is exposed, if often shows the ineptness and crime committed by someone. Between Berger and Albright yelling the loudest about a only shines the spot light of truth on them even more. I read that some other blogger is reporting that ABC has yielded to DNC pressure to alter the movie they made. Isn't that 'censorship'???? Michael Savage was really hitting the nail on the head on this subject this evening I was also thinking of something else, since this is ABC and ABC has definitely been in the liberal/DNC pocket for years, why would a movie come out that could most possibly sink the Clinton's and the Clinton camp??? Hmm...conspiracy....but not from the 'right wing' as most would think. No, this could be an inside job, inside the DNC. Most people with open minds already realize that from all the facts that do exist out there, Bill Clinton and his Administration are the ones responsible for allowing OBL the time to devise and execute his murderous plan. Dear reader, please research for yourself and I guarantee you will come up with the same conclusion. Now for the truth. Who tells the truth and who do you depend upon telling you the truth? For years America could trust it's media sources to give the facts of a story and not spin it so much in a political direction. Today, you dear reader, must realize as I have, that the mainstream media are private-for-profit business. They are not there for truth, justice, and the American way. They are in existence to make money. The bloggers out there, they seek out facts and often just report the facts as they exist, which is why so many politicians hate the freedom of the internet and the power of bloggers. Bloggers only try to show the facts, unlike the media which make decisions as to what you shall see and hear, in what order, or even if you will be made aware. The truth is always to be brought into the light for mankind to be able to go forward. Using darkness to hide the truth, stifles life itself. If the truth is continued to be warped, then the path to Third World USA will become shorter. Again I must make a public apology to Knuckleball for a mis-idenfication mistake I made. I missed out on not being able to attend a USNI-MCA meeting/forum concerning the military fighting terrorism. I hope to read the transcipts and still submit viable ideas. While I fear the coming of Third World USA, there still is hope that our great Nation will rise above politics - political correctness, internal decedence,fear of ourselves, to be the great nation we can yet still become. We are on the precipice of having a military second to none for generations, but politicians must stay away from preventing this evolution from occuring. Ensue the money is there, ensure that families are taken care of, ensure that veterans are always provided for, that is the job of politicians, everything else, leave it to the military. And I mean everything! There's a loose story about Ahmadinejad wanting to face down Bush at the U.N. next week, I hope the Pres punks him out. Now, for something else very's the NFL season first game, it's on now, and I have to go. God bless America.

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