Monday, September 3, 2007

The War, The Politicians, Harvard

Wednesday, September 06, 2006 10:35 PM
Wow. What a day of news. Just seen the Ahmadinejad is coming to the U.S. next week to address the U.N. More reason to get the U.N. out of the U.S. so our enemies are unable to flaut their immunity in our face, ha ha, we killed a bunch of your military and civilians and you can't touch us. That's exactly what they are doing and thinking. Khatami was 'invited' by Harvard....Pepto Bismol time very soon...and O'Rielly says he's in the middle because it's his Alma Mater. Great Bill, when Harvard starts a hard line Socialist Soviet political movement on it's campus, you still going to be...oh dum dah dee, it's my old school. There is another shining example of the high and mighty putting institutions, companies, political ideals, ahead of America, ahead of what our Fore Fathers fought and died to build. That root that our Fore Fathers planted is what we the decendents and immigrant decendents are supposed to protect and care for. But they on top, continue to take the water, soil, and food for that root for their greedy selfish selves. In my eyes and heart every day I see more of them as nothing but copitulating cowards afraid of standing up, of possibly getting hurt or killed protecting that root. Only the very few that serve in uniform and only the very few that TRUELY support those in uniform keep the Spirit of 1776 and that Root of America alive. I heard something on the radio about Rep. Murtha's formula for Iraq yesterday. What a laugh I got at his naivity and uniformed self and staff. He said to take the troops out of Iraq and put them on Okinawa. Does he have a clue what's happening on Okinawa? Does he realize that the U.S. and DoD is moving troops out of Okinawa to Guam? Does he realize that China and North Korea will hit Okinawa with nukes to take out all of those troops and kill most of the Okinawans because of those troops which is why the Okinawans want our troops out besides the long over due redeployment factor. Hmmmm...Democrats going after SecDef Rumsfeld....I just read a breaking story that this move is fizzling but there's a few items I want to address never the less, so bear with me dear reader...go get a cup of coffee, bathroom pit stop and come back:
Secretary Rumsfeld's stewardship of this effort is a failure, and he has let down our armed forces," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, who is pushing for the no-confidence move. Rep. Emanuel.....who??? Never heard of him. Wonder what brilliant military leadership strategy and tactics this guy has? Well I just Dogpiled his name ( I don't use George Soros' Google), and see by his, zip, nada...military experience. Nuff' said. Oh he did serve on President Clinton's staff from '93 - '98....told Bill what to say about Monika to the American People no doubt, it's the just those....things, serfs, sub humans that serve us on lie to them Bill, they don't know any better. Brilliant strategy there Rahm. His military experience is using the military to distract the media from Bill's picadillo's.We will not be Swift-boated on this issue," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in an interview, alluding to the assault by the group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth on the Vietnam war record of Democratic candidate John F. Kerry in the 2004 presidential campaign. "We will fight them on national security." Congresswoman Pelosi.....possibly in the most nightmarish scenerio, Speaker of the House. Using 2004 political slogans to address a national crisis, and then saying 'she' and 'they' of the DNC will ally themselves with the terrorist to fight the current Administration on our National Security. Bill and Co. did a number already on us by giving the PRC our Nuke-MIRV technology, if they get the house and Presidency, forget any more national secrets of national security, in their minds, if everyone is equal, no one will fight each other. Oh, Congresswoman? What have you done to protect your constituients and all Americans against terrorist? (crickets chirping) Senate Democrats are considering a similar move. Next week, Sen. Barbara Boxer (Calif.) will offer a sense-of-the-Senate resolution demanding Rumsfeld's resignation. As I read earlier on line, this move is now fizzling due to some common sense people that may actually be serving the betterment of this country. Sen. step forward, two steps back. A 'Knucklehead' asked what can we do? My friend....write your thoughts and to your friends, point out the facts, research the words of the politicians, and most importantly, watch their actions. And if you don't like them, do what we just did last night here, voted them out and voted in two new Reps that have made their campaign on helping the people. Then hold their feet to the fire if they don't and vote them out in shame as well if they don't keep their word. The day of career politicians is coming to an end. Voting back in incumbents is not serving the best interest of this country. Two Hundred and Forty one of my friends and comrades were murdered in Beirut in 1983, and those responsible will be here in my country, one as a guest by Harvard, the other because of an inept institution and years of weak leaders to take real action that our leaders up to 1930 would not have hesitated to have done. It took the death of over 2000 at Pearl Harbor to finally get involved in a World War and do what needed to be done against zealous idealism. Real men had already gone to England and a free China to do the right thing. Harvard..... Colleges and Universities....nothing but overpriced baby sitting institutions. Oh no you say.....and this years best party school is.....?????? What does the majority of students really learn??? What good does it them and this Nation? Harvard.....epitome of the 'blue-blood' mentality. If you wanted an exchange of it via satelite conference, but to invite the head of the new nazi regime here. Oh oh oh, almost forgot Harvard Profs.....Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Tuesday for a purge of liberal and secular teachers from the country's universities, urging students to return to 1980s-style radicalism. That from a story yesterday...Harvard, enjoy your visit with your new friends. Got to make one last observational point. President Bush gave his speech about moving the worst of the worst terrorist from safe and secure locations to GITMO, give it one year before a major episode of rebellion of all the terrorist there, it will be led and organized by these guys and it's going to be ugly. Since now, thanks to Pelosi, Boxer, Dean, Kennedy, Kerry, Murtha, the mainstream media, and the rest of the entire DNC establishmetn, all we can do is ask the terrorist for their name, rank, and serial number. While our guys and girls are raped, multilated, and murdered. I just saw the story of the U.S. Air Force officer missing in Kyrgystan, I doubt her captors are treating her with respect, dignity, and Geneva Convention rules. We are becoming a weaker and weaker nation. More fuel for Third World USA.

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