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The Next Middle East War
Thursday, June 07, 2007 10:15 PM

It seems that the Middle East is on the precipice of war again thanks mainly to the concessionistic visits by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House made to Syria. The enemies of peace see America as weak, divided, and easily intimidated, hence Syria has made the following aggressive moves:
'Syria ready for war'Officials: Troops at Israeli border, could launch surprise attack
June 7, 20071:00 a.m. EasternBy Aaron Klein
© 2007
Syrian President Bashar Assad
TEL AVIV – Syria, aided by Iran, has deployed a strengthened army along Israel's northern border and is prepared to launch a surprise war against the Jewish state, according to senior Israeli security officials. The development comes as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert yesterday told the Knesset he is ready for direct negotiations with Syria aimed at an Israeli retreat from the Golan Heights, strategic mountainous territory that looks down on Israeli population centers twice used by Damascus to attack the Jewish state. With Israelis this week commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Six-Day War – when neighbors Egypt, Jordan and Syria attacked the Jewish state – Israeli security officials told WND Syria has prepared for a confrontation and is capable of launching an immediate war.
The officials say the Syrian army is deployed along the Syrian side of the Golan Heights with strengthened forces after carrying out the past few weeks stepped-up training of troops. The officials noted the open movement of Syrian Scud missiles near the border with Israel and said Syria recently increased production of rockets and acquired missiles capable of hitting central Israeli population centers. The Syrian army has improved its fortifications, according to the Israeli security officials, and has received modern, Russian-made anti-tank missiles similar to the ones that devastated Israeli tanks during the last Lebanon war, causing the highest number of Israeli troop casualties during the 34 days of military confrontations. Syria also received from Russia advanced anti-aircraft missiles.
The officials noted Syria stepped up the pace of weapons, including rockets, being shipped from the Syrian border to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. Just yesterday, a truckload of weaponry meant for Hezbollah was confiscated by the Lebanese army. Yossi Baidatz, chief of military intelligence for the Israel Defense Forces, said the Syrian-backed Hezbollah is rebuilding its forces in southern Lebanon near the Israeli border in areas where international forces are deployed with the specific charge of preventing the Lebanese militia's rearming.
Along the other soon to be front, Iran, as well as emboldened by the division of the American people and Government caused by the actions of the DNC, DNC leadership, the mainstream media which fuels the stories, organizations such as MoveOn.Ogor, the Hollywood left, Iran has seen no cause to build a defensive military, but an offensive one:
Iran Adding Attack Boats in Persian Gulf, U.S. Says
Tony CapaccioWed Jun 6, 12:09 PM ET
June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Iran is increasing its fleet of small attack boats capable of challenging warships and disrupting oil traffic in the Strait of Hormuz, the sea route for two-fifths of the world's daily supply of crude oil, the U.S. Navy says.
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps already has more than 1,000 of the speedboats ``and continues to add boats armed with anti- ship cruise missiles,'' said Robert Althage, spokesman for the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence.
``Iran still states that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps will employ swarming tactics in a conflict,'' Althage said in an e-mail. Naval intelligence, in its latest report on threats, said an attack against U.S. forces and commercial tankers ``could include over 100 boats in coordinated groups of 20 to 30 approaching simultaneously from multiple axes.''
The U.S. has two carrier groups in the Persian Gulf. The commander of these forces, Vice Admiral Kevin Cosgriff, said the attack boats have ``a significant military capability.'' His fear is that Iran's central leadership might not have enough control over this Revolutionary Guard force to ensure against unauthorized attacks.
``I'm fairly comfortable that the regular Iranian navy and air force has a pretty good command-and-control system -- the key word is `control,''' he said. ``I don't have the same sense with the Revolutionary Guard.''
The boats -- up to 70 feet long and capable of speeds up to 57 miles per hour -- are armed with torpedoes and rocket- propelled grenades as well as cruise missiles and also are used to lay mines. The U.S. estimates Iran has 5,000 sea mines.
Cosgriff and other U.S. naval officers say they can defend against this threat. Still, attacks on tankers and a few sunken ships could disrupt traffic through the chokepoint of the world's most important oil transit route.
Iran launched a much smaller fleet of these attack boats against U.S. ships and U.S.-flagged tankers in the Persian Gulf in late 1987 through mid-1988 after the Reagan administration sided with Iraq in its war with the Islamic Republic.
The ships were able to lay mines, attack ships and disrupt oil traffic. They damaged at least one tanker traveling under the U.S. flag as well as the frigate USS Samuel Roberts.
What is most apparent is that the Governments of Iran and Syria have forgot the true horrors of war. They have also demonstrated their true intentions of not seeking any real form of peace nor negotiations.
Should the Governments of Iran and Syria act upon their displayed intentions of committing to war, then let the responders act without thought to the malice of true war.
Let the response be one that will be so swift and destructive that for generations, the people of Syria, Iran, and those who call themselves Hezbollah, remember and reflect upon the dreaded decisions that brought them to the precipice of disaster. Let them then clamor for a true and lasting peace, a peace that will be genuine and eternally lasting.
For if it is the wish and desires of the belligerent Government, militaries, militias, and leaders of Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah to commit to war, then let only fate be the final judge upon the dead for whom they will find themselves among.
Peace and talks of peace have gone on for over forty years without any real, concrete, just, and honorable intentions by the Governments of Syria and Iran. Living in peace and prosperity has only emboldened the pigs of war among them, while the doves of peace have been struck down. This time, this war, this next hell on earth must be a final and lasting battle for true peace to exist for generations to come. Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war should the birds of peace fail to take flight.
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Joint Forces
Wednesday, June 06, 2007 11:19 PM
If anyone knows me or reads my rants, they know I'm a military person through and through and I thought to share a few things about 'Jointness of our Armed Forces'. The order is given to the Joint Forces of the United States military to 'secure' this building, first goes in a Air Force guy, he rents the building for 99 years with an option to renew after the lease expires. Navy guy goes in, turns off coffe pots, locks the windows and doors, turns out the lights and goes home. Army guy comes, gets a heavily armed platoon and surrounds the building, Marines come, kick in the door and kill every living thing inside. Four ways to 'secure a building'. Another great story of Joint Forces...bravery. Joint Chiefs got into a huge arguement over which branch had the bravest. They went to Gen. Pace to get an answer. He told them being current Chairmen of the JCS he had to remain neutral since his decisions affect all Branchs, so they had to go find out for themselves. (As Gen. Pace walked away and rounded the corner...someone swore they heard him whistling the Marine Corps hymn). Well, the good Generals and Admiral went about their task of finding the bravest of all branches. First stop, Langley AFB....they all went to the control tower, a flight of F16's were up so the Air Force General got on the mic and radioed the flight leader. "Son, take that F16 straight up to 40,000 ft then flip over and dive straight down'. Instantly the radio crackled back.."Affrimative, roger that sir'. So the F16 flew straight up and got to 40K feet, flipped and dove straight down right smack into the runway. Air Force General turns and says "that's bravery". Next stop was Camp LeJeune, USMC. Joint Chiefs drove out to a gunnery range. Marine Arty was firing live 155 rounds. Commandant says "Marine, take this flag, run down range and hold it up while this cannon crew tries to hit it"...'Sir, yes, Sir'. The young PFC grabs a flag, PT's out to the range and stands there holding a flag above his head. The Arty crew loads one round, zeros in,and fires away. The round hits right on the young Marine. The CMC turns and says "That's bravery". Off they go, still indecision among them to Fort Bragg, out to another range. They find a tank platoon target practicing. General tells a soldier..."take this Humvee and drive down range and dodge the tank shells". "Yes, sir". Away drives the soldier. Order is given to take out that Humvee. All four tanks fire at once obliverating the Humvee. General turns and says' That's bravery". Admiral shruggs his sholders, 'we still have one more stop'. The Generals chuckle and say okay. So off they go to Norfolk, NAB. They drive down to the carrier piers and find one carrier in port. They walk up onto the flight deck. Admiral looks up past the bridge and see's a sailor working on a radio antenna mast. Admiral gets a blowhorn "Sailor...I want you to jump off that mast onto this deck" Sailor looks down. 'Sir??" Admiral repeats "You heard me, jump off that mast onto this deck..NOW!" Sailor looks down., weaves his head back and forth..."Sir, with all due respect, you go to h....." Admiral turns, now that bravery".
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I missed the Debates
Wednesday, June 06, 2007 10:45 PM
From the sound bites I've heard and stories I read, seems the DNC Candidates debate was all about George Bush bashing and the RNC debate hardly made blip on the media screens from what I could see. It's summer, all of our favorite TV shows are in hiatus or some idiot decided to cancel them, so we're enjoying the time after work to be outside. So TV time is almost nill right now for most Middle Class working Americans....hint any future Presidential campaigners that want to start way way waaaayyy too early. We have lives to live and don't want to be bogged down trying to listen to you right now. I did hear a bit of Sean Hannity today on the way home..from work...and he made sense, today. He said something along the lines that all the lessor candidates need to quit wasting time and money and just get out now and back their chosen one. Realistically in the RNC camp, Giuliani, Romney, McCain, and soon Fred Thompson, will be the only viable front runners. As the RNC fragments under Bush's lack of immigration enforcement, the RNC money holders better round the troops up and pull together...gung ho...before the enemy (socialist Democrat(ic)s cut the RNC pieces into mush. Be realistic about the future, not just head in clouds. Let the DNC Candidates do what they do best, backstab and cutthroat each other while a strong united RNC front advances the true and time tested conservative values to the future. As an aside to the RNC, I have gut feelings about McCain that I've heard echoed on a local talk show by the majority of callers, Manchurian Candidate and poor health. Nuff said.
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The Common Denominator
Wednesday, June 06, 2007 10:27 PM
Read the news over the past twenty years and nearly 90% of all violent man-made castrophe's have that one same common denominator: Islam. Marine Barracks in Lebennon, Khobar Towers, World Trade Centers(both times), Iranian hostage crisis, Dhafar crisis, on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Spain train bombing, London bus bombings, Indonesia Disco bombing, Russian Children's School massacre, beheading of innocent victims taken 'hostage', U.S. 9-11 attacks, the Fort Dix Six, the JFK Airport gas line plan. What other religion or none religion is causing all of this mayhem??? The common denominator is the answer. World Socialism-Fascism were the threats in the 19th Century, but even they had limits to which they could penetrate and enclose upon a society thanks mostly due to distance and lack of mass transportation. But in this 21st Century, the cancer of radicalized Islam is sweeping over the Globe like an unchecked cancer. There is now not a country in the World that does not have the presecne of Islam, and for the most part, that Islam is bent upon changing the entire fabric of every Nation is touches.
From The Times
June 6, 2007
Muhammad is No 2 in boy's names
Helen Nugent and Nadia Menuhin
Muhammad is now second only to Jack as the most popular name for baby boys in Britain and is likely to rise to No 1 by next year, a study by The Times has found. The name, if all 14 different spellings are included, was shared by 5,991 newborn boys last year, beating Thomas into third place, followed by Joshua and Oliver.
Scholars said that the name’s rise up the league table was driven partly by the growing number of young Muslims having families, coupled with the desire to name their child in honour of the Prophet.
Muhammad Anwar, Professor of Ethnic Relations at Warwick University, said: “Muslim parents like to have something that shows a link with their religion or with the Prophet.”
Although the official names register places the spelling Mohammed at No 23, an analysis of the top 3,000 names provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) puts Muhammad at No 2 once the 14 spellings are taken into account. If its popularity continues – it rose by 12 per cent last year – the name will take the top spot by the end of this year. It first entered the Top 30 in 2000. I feel bad for the U.K., because within twenty years it will not even look a bit like the U.K. the World has known and grown to love or hate. The 'Nazi's bombed the U.K. without stop from above, but could not penetrate the Island Nation from outward. But Islam, has slowly and methodically crept in and is growing unchecked and all of those new baby boys will be lining up for Jihad against the historical enemy of Islam, Richard The LionHeart and the Empire from which he came. Throats will be cut on a nightly basis of any caucasion all the while praising Allah, none whites of U.K. will either be enslaved or killed. This may sound like pure lunatic rantings.....but today the following happened in a muslim nation:
KABUL, Afghanistan: An Afghan journalist was shot dead by unknown gunmen in her home north of Kabul on Tuesday night as she slept beside her 10-month-old baby, Afghan officials said Wednesday.
The journalist, Zakia Zaki, 38, was the director of a private local radio station in Jabal-us-Siraj, an hour's drive north of the capital, Kabul. She was shot seven times, said Abdul Jabar Taqwa, the governor of Parwan Province. The baby survived.
Zaki, the mother of six children, had been receiving threats for the last few months demanding that she take the station off the air, Taqwa said. The nature of the threats was unclear, but she had been involved in women's rights advocacy and political activity.
Zaki was killed just six days after a reporter and anchorwoman on a private television station in Kabul was shot and killed in her house.
When the Taliban were in power in Afghanistan in 2001, barring women from education and work outside their houses, Zaki's was the only woman's voice that could be heard near Kabul, on the station Radio-Solh, or Peace Radio. France has provided funds for the station, which operated in an area that had remained under the control of the Northern Alliance during Taliban rule. After the fall of the Taliban Zaki became the director of the radio station and had remained in that role. This is a peaceful, tolerant, religion???? It's your neck.
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Iraq - redeploy now
Sunday, June 03, 2007 10:06 PM

here -->
14 U.S. Soldiers Die in Iraq in 3 Days
By KIM GAMEL, Associated Press Writer
Sunday, June 3, 2007
(06-03) 18:00 PDT BAGHDAD, (AP) --
The U.S. military announced Sunday that 14 American soldiers were killed over the past three days, including four in a single roadside bombing and another who was struck by a suicide bomber while on a foot patrol.
The blast that killed the four U.S. soldiers occurred Sunday as the troops were conducting a cordon and search operation northwest of Baghdad, according to a statement. Two other soldiers were killed and five were wounded along with an Iraqi interpreter in two separate roadside bombings on Sunday, the military said.
In the boldest attack, a U.S. soldier was killed Friday after the patrol approached two suspicious men for questioning near a mosque southwest of Baghdad, and one of the suspects blew himself up. Military spokesman Maj. Webster Wright said U.S. troops also fired at the second suspect after he began acting aggressively, and the gunfire detonated his suicide vest.
"Our initial analysis is that these guys were al-Qaida and were planning to launch attacks into Baghdad," Wright said in an e-mailed statement.
Seven other soldiers were killed in a series of attacks across Iraq on Saturday. Fourteen good brave honest Americans, dead. Fourteen and most likely more families are now grieving because of these murderous attacks. Attacks made possible by making our 'maneuver' warfare military into stagnant police forces. Redeploy our forces into the northern Kurdish Iraq and back into Kuwait and mostly back home. It's time to let history take care of Iraq and let the Iraqi's take care of their history. Actually, it's beyond time to happen. Africa needs our immediate attention and our miltary needs an immediate rebuilding and modernization program.
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Third World USA - seven and counting
Sunday, June 03, 2007 5:45 PM
On an easy going Sunday afternoon I came across a 'breaking story' about Vermont and the talk of secession from the 'Union/United Staates'. Years ago, I wrote and warned this Nation of the coming Balkanizatoin of the United States. My thoughts grew out during the Clinton Mis-Administration Presidency. Then, as I watched the news over the years, it is becoming more and more a reality heading into our face. Immigration has gone totally unchecked by our Government. The War in Iraq and to a lesser estent, in Afghanistan, has become Vietnam all over again as Politicians put handcuffs on our troops while they fight for their lives. As well as returning to that failed program of 'Hearts and Minds'. The gap between the rich and poor is growing as the Middle Class dwindles in the force of rising taxes and vampiric insurance companies. But this story about Vermont has to sound a klaxon warning to D.C. Get your act together before this Nation crumbles from within and the vultures gather to pick our bones. link to the Vermont 'Confederates'. Not saying the Confederate idea is not bad......
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Rostock wakeup - WAKE UP
Saturday, June 02, 2007 8:57 PM
Watching the Nightly News on NBC tonight, they showed a good clip of what happened in Rostock, Germany today. How and what happened should be a huge wake up call to the World's Governments, especially in Europe, as well to the Intel Community here and in Europe.
ROSTOCK, Germany - Masked demonstrators showered police with rocks and beer bottles, then were driven back with water cannons and tear gas during a protest march Saturday against the upcoming Group of Eight summit in Germany. That is a very sanitized version of what took place if you watched the video. The protest initially were very peaceful as all good protest in a democratic society should be, but soon a group of about two thousand 'radicals' dressed in black surged into the area and began violent acts. Not demostrations, but sheer mindless violence. Here is what needs to be asked: How were two thousand people bent upon violence, organized and prepared, able to do this without the knowledge of the police or German Intelligence??? Very important here: what if all of these two thousand were say...Al Qaida???? A terrorist army launches an assualt upon a European Country without any knowledge to the people or Government. This is the next step in history. If two thousand 'radicals' are able to organize and launch their plan with such ease, Europe doesn't have twenty years left before Islam takes over. The likes of this will begin happening in Europe:
Associated Press
06.02.07, 19:17 / Israel News
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A Muslim extremist group threatened to behead female TV broadcasters if they don't don strict Islamic dress, leaving the women terrified and marking a further downward spiral in Gaza's anarchy.
The Swords of Truth issued the statement Friday in an e-mail sent to news organizations. "We will cut throats, and from vein to vein, if needed to protect the spirit and moral of this nation."

The group accused the broadcasters of being "without any...shame or morals" and said it knew where to find the women.
What's sadly ironically funny....those same Islamist will also cut the throats of those two thousand radicals that committed today's violence since they themselves are descendents of Crusaders, Christians, and Caucasion European. Europe has a huge problem about to emplode upon itself.
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Freedom, Immigration, on
Friday, June 01, 2007 8:14 PM
I've read various forms of the 'letter' I'm going to post along with my own tonight, but one has to seriously consider the historical reference this entails. Whose Country is this?? It belongs to the victor as does every country in this entire World. No 'indigenous' people can claim a piece of land anywhere if their 'people' lost a war to an 'invader'. History is built upon the seeds of the victor, not the historical stories of the vanquished. While the United States has become the one Country in the entire World to recognize and give 'special rights' to the former indigenous people, this Country would not have been built by none other than those who fought and won the wars to build it. Those who joined the growing tide and fought alongside and built this Country are even recognized and respected even more. But this is the heart and soul of what makes this Nation 'tick' and how it was birthed and should never be forgotten. Never Forget Submitted by an IL Eagle I walked among the falling snowflakes today and met a soldier at Valley Forge. He held his musket in his bloody hands; he stood barefoot in the snow, starved from a lack of food, wounded from months of battle and emotionally scarred from the eternity away from his family-surrounded by nothing but death, carnage, and war. He stood tough before me, with a bright fire in his eyes and the air of victory on his breath. He looked angered and disgusted as he said these words to me, I gave you a birthright of freedom born in the Constitution and now your children graduate too illiterate to read it. I fought in the snow, barefoot, to give you the freedom to vote; yet you stay home if it rains. I left my family destitute to give you the freedom of speech; yet you remain silent on crucial issues because it might be bad for business. I orphaned my children to give you a government to serve you; yet it has stolen democracy from the people. How easily you forget! It is the soldier not the reporter who gives you freedom of the press. It is the soldier not the poet who gives you the freedom of speech. It is the soldier not the campus organizer who allows you to demonstrate. It is the soldier who salutes the flag, serves the flag, and whose coffin is draped with the flag that allows the protestor to burn the flag!! How easily you forget! The names of those who stood beside me, who have come after me, who are coming to me now. It is the soldier, who in his duty and honor, gives you the freedom to be free! He glared at me for a moment or two, while his breath hastened to ease; A single tear slid down my cheek and his heart began to bleed. I walked slowly up to him and placed my hand upon his wound. His blood drenched my skin and I shook with tears and guilt while quietly he whispered, “Never forget!” I raised my head and whispered back, “I never will!” …to the headstone on the grave that read, “Here a soldier died so you could live.” GOE proudly salutes the men and women who have so valiantly fought to protect our country and our freedoms. To those who have served and are serving, we will never forget.
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Third World USA - eight and counting
Thursday, May 31, 2007 10:55 PM
Associated PressATLANTA — A globe-trotting Atlanta lawyer with a dangerous strain of tuberculosis was allowed back into the U.S. by a border inspector who disregarded a computer warning to stop him and don protective gear, officials said today. Authorities in the southern Californian city of San Diego on Thursday were on the alert for outbreaks of tuberculosis after a student contracted a mild form of the disease. The student, who was not identified, came down with a less severe strain of the disease than the 31-year-old US lawyer who sparked a global health alert this week by traveling transcontinentally against doctors' orders. The sick student attended classes at San Diego's University of Phoenix and could have been contagious from February 26 to May 21, according to Wilma Wooten, interim county deputy public health officer. Between our Government's unwillingness to do anything to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States, and also our Government's Homeland InSecurity lack of being a real organization, TB has gone from almost eradicated to become virulent as the common cold. No action will be taken until the deaths of 'celebrities or politicians' and/or their family member(s). The 'average' American does not count at all any more. You are all expendable and nothing more than a commodity to use and abuse to the political and Hollywood 'elite'. Now, I want you to carefully read between the lines. If disease is allowed to grow unabated due to both inaction to illegal immigration which IS bringing in all kinds of disease, and our Government's continued prosecution of honest, tax paying, hard working Americans instead of going after the criminals and illegals....there will be death to someone's loved one(s) and that survivor once over their greif, will look for the cause of the deaths of their loved ones and will seek an eye for an eye.
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DNC fears Fox News
Thursday, May 31, 2007 10:26 PM
WASHINGTON -- Democratic presidential candidates Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd will not participate in a Democratic debate co-sponsored by Fox News Channel this fall, joining their three top rivals in bypassing the event.
Their decisions, acknowledged by campaign aides Wednesday, is sure to disappoint the Congressional Black Caucus, whose political education and leadership institute is Fox's partner in the debate.
But Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, and Dodd, a senator from Connecticut, have been under pressure to shun the debate from liberal groups who say Fox is biased against Democrats.
The debate exodus began two months ago when John Edwards became the first candidate to announce that he would not attend the Sept. 23 debate in Detroit. A week later, Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama announced they also would not participate. The first thing I want to ask you dear reader is this: Do you want a President of the United States who 'fears' going on a TV Network for a debate to handle your National Security and the safety of your family??? I want you to seriously consider this matter, if these 'candidates' are too cowardly to face a debate that will challenge them without pulling punches ala the other Networks, do you seriously think they would have what it takes to face China, Russia, or even OBL???? These candidates have proven that they are cowards, pure and simple. They can not face controversy, they can not face adversity, they can not face a challenge that hasn't already been scripted for them in a favorable outcome. Cowards, cowards, cowards...and cowards make excellent 'traitors'!!!!!
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Hillary/Marx....mirror images
Tuesday, May 29, 2007 10:58 PM
All I had to do is read the first paragraph of this story: and it sent chills down my spine. I then thought, this is so 'socialist' of Hillary and went and did a quick Dogpile search and came across words from Karl Marx: "“Centralization of the means of production and socialization of labor at last reach a point where they become incompatible with their capitalist integument. Thus integument is burst asunder. The knell of capitalist private property sounds. Marx's sidekick Frederick Engles: "“The slave frees himself when, of all the relations of private property, he abolishes only the relation of slavery and thereby becomes a proletarian; the proletarian can free himself only by abolishing private property in general. ” [Engels, 1847] Now read what Hillary said: "Presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton outlined a broad economic vision Tuesday, saying it's time to replace an "on your own" society with one based on shared responsibility and prosperity. Be very afraid...!!!!
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Miss USA boo'd by Mexicans
Monday, May 28, 2007 10:55 PM
Miss USA made the final five cut in the Miss Universe contest tonight. During the final questions, Miss USA was called forward and received a very loud 'boo' from a majority of the audience in Mexico City, Mexico. Mexicans true feelings showed towards just a young woman in a contest. Imagine the very near future as assaults will begin on Americans visiting and living in Mexico as Mexicans display these feelings.
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TownHall computer servers suck
Monday, May 28, 2007 10:22 PM
I just wasted an entire HOUR making a great posting about our holidays and click 'publish' and nothing. Once it finally grabbed, it said 'error'. You can't go back because....all of that writing is GONE. Your servers suck, your techies suck cause they can't maintain the servers and this in not the second time this has happened and you know it. Fix it or fire the incompetence! Looking at this webpage I have to write on, it's choked full of ads and news that keep renewing themselves which probably destabilizes the blog page. So, Townhall, do you want contributers or not? Fix this problem.
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Soldier's Words, not mine
Monday, May 28, 2007 9:07 PM
Much of the news that comes to us about Iraq is bad. Much of the good news is never reported. But we do read the blogs and occasionally see media stories of the good work that is done by our soldiers. The glaring fact we all know in our hearts and minds is that our Nation's best, sacrifice daily, year after year, in this 'War on Terror', this War in Iraq and Afghanistan. While we have more support in us for the War in Afghanistan since it is fact that OBL and his murderous cowards trained and lived under protection of the then Taliban Government, our support for Iraq has waned to the breaking point. We know that Iran is behind the Insurgents. We know that Syria is a puppet of Iran being used as fodder for Iran's poltiical purposes. We also know that the 'Iraqi's will continue to kill each other long after we leave whether a government is seated or not. We know that the Shia/Sunni conflict will continue until that last of either group has been killed. We know there will never be 'peace in the Middle East' until God Himself waves his hand over us insignificant humans no matter our technology or religious beliefs. So why subject troops to any more further mindless police action that hinders our military?? These are not Vietnamese, Germans, Japanese, or any other culture whose people train of thought is bound more by common sense and logic. These are people bound by an upbringing of religious zealotry and common sense is a hundred years away for most of them. So, why waste another American or Coalition Partner's life in a land whose people have only united behind their choice of religion or clan?? Moving our troops out 'tomorrow' will not destablize the Middle East. It will force other Nation's governments and people to make some fast and hard choices for their own survival. My personal thought is yet to move our forces and bases into Northern Iraq and help the Kurdish Iraqi's maintain their sovereignty and safety and continue to fight heavily in Afghanistan. Let the U.N. 'montior' Iraq from here on out. The U.S. accomplished it's mission of removing Saddam after he defied the 17 U.N. resolutions. The U.S. did this with the 'blessings' of the U.N. and Security Council or they would have stopped the U.S. cold from moving forces into Iraq. Kofi could have done it if he wanted to at the time by forcing all Nations to resist any assistance to the U.S Military and Diplomatic maneuvers. Back to my title. I read this story that I will post. This story says it all. This story explains why our troops are no longer needed in Iraq, other than in Northern Iraq.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 27, 2007 Doubts Grow as G.I.’s in Iraq Find Allies in Enemy Ranks By MICHAEL KAMBER BAGHDAD — Staff Sgt. David Safstrom does not regret his previous tours in Iraq, not even a difficult second stint when two comrades were killed while trying to capture insurgents. “In Mosul, in 2003, it felt like we were making the city a better place,” he said. “There was no sectarian violence, Saddam was gone, we were tracking down the bad guys. It felt awesome.” But now on his third deployment in Iraq, he is no longer a believer in the mission. The pivotal moment came, he says, this past February when soldiers killed a man setting a roadside bomb. When they searched the bomber’s body, they found identification showing him to be a sergeant in the Iraqi Army. “I thought, ‘What are we doing here? Why are we still here?’ ” said Sergeant Safstrom, a member of Delta Company of the First Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division. “We’re helping guys that are trying to kill us. We help them in the day. They turn around at night and try to kill us.” His views are echoed by most of his fellow soldiers in Delta Company, renowned for its aggressiveness. A small minority of Delta Company soldiers — the younger, more recent enlistees in particular — seem to still wholeheartedly support the war. Others are ambivalent, torn between fear of losing more friends in battle, longing for their families and a desire to complete their mission. With few reliable surveys of soldiers’ attitudes, it is impossible to simply extrapolate from the small number of soldiers in Delta Company. But in interviews with more than a dozen soldiers over a one-week period with this 83-man unit, most said they were disillusioned by repeated deployments, by what they saw as the abysmal performance of Iraqi security forces and by a conflict that they considered a civil war, one they had no ability to stop. They had seen shadowy militia commanders installed as Iraqi Army officers, they said, had come under increasing attack from roadside bombs — planted within sight of Iraqi Army checkpoints — and had fought against Iraqi soldiers whom they thought were their allies. “In 2003, 2004, 100 percent of the soldiers wanted to be here, to fight this war,” said Sgt. First Class David Moore, a self-described “conservative Texas Republican” and platoon sergeant who strongly advocates an American withdrawal. “Now, 95 percent of my platoon agrees with me.” It is not a question of loyalty, the soldiers insist. Sergeant Safstrom, for example, comes from a thoroughly military family. His mother and father have served in the armed forces, as have his three sisters, one brother and several uncles. One week after the Sept. 11 attacks, he walked into a recruiter’s office and joined the Army. “You guys want to start a fight in my backyard, I got something for you,” he recalls thinking at the time. But in Sergeant Safstrom’s view, the American presence is futile. “If we stayed here for 5, even 10 more years, the day we leave here these guys will go crazy,” he said. “It would go straight into a civil war. That’s how it feels, like we’re putting a Band-Aid on this country until we leave here.” Their many deployments have added to the strain. After spending six months in Iraq, the soldiers of Delta Company had been home for only 24 hours last December when the news came. “Change your plans,” they recall being told. “We’re going back to Iraq.” Nineteen days later, just after Christmas, Capt. Douglas Rogers and the men of Delta Company were on their way to Kadhimiya, a Shiite enclave of about 300,000. As part of the so-called surge of American troops, their primary mission was to maintain stability in the area and prepare the Iraqi Army and police to take control of the neighborhood. “I thought it would not be long before we could just stay on our base and act as a quick-reaction force,” said the barrel-chested Captain Rogers of San Antonio. “The Iraqi security forces would step up.” It has not worked out that way. Still, Captain Rogers says their mission in Kadhimiya has been “an amazing success.” “We’ve captured 4 of the top 10 most-wanted guys in this area,” he said. And the streets of Kadhimiya are filled with shoppers and the stores are open, he said, a rarity in Baghdad due partly to Delta Company’s patrols. Captain Rogers acknowledges the skepticism of many of his soldiers. “Our unit has already sent two soldiers home in a box,” he said. “My soldiers don’t see the same level of commitment from the Iraqi Army units they’re partnered with.” Yet there is, he insists, no crisis of morale: “My guys are all professionals. I tell them to do something, they do it.” His dictum is proved on patrol, where his soldiers walk the streets for hours in the stifling heat, providing cover for one another with crisp efficiency. On April 29, a Delta Company patrol was responding to a tip at Al Sadr mosque, a short distance from its base. The soldiers saw men in the distance erecting burning barricades, and the streets emptied out quickly. Then a militia, believed to be the Mahdi Army, which is affiliated with the radical Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr, began firing at them from rooftops and windows. Sgt. Kevin O’Flarity, a squad leader, jumped into his Humvee to join his fellow soldiers, racing through abandoned Iraqi Army and police checkpoints to the battle site. He and his squad maneuvered their Humvees through alleyways and side streets, firing back at an estimated 60 insurgents during a gun battle that raged for two and a half hours. A rocket-propelled grenade glanced off Sergeant O’Flarity’s Humvee, failing to penetrate. When the battle was over, Delta Company learned that among the enemy dead were at least two Iraqi Army soldiers that American forces had helped train and arm. “The 29th was a watershed moment in a negative sense, because the Iraqi Army would not fight with us,” Captain Rogers said, adding, “Some actually picked up weapons and fought against us.” The battle changed the attitude among his soldiers toward the war, he said. “Before that fight, there were a few true believers.” Captain Rogers said. “After the 29th, I don’t think you’ll find a true believer in this unit. They’re paratroopers. There’s no question they’ll fulfill their mission. But they’re fighting now for pride in their unit, professionalism, loyalty to their fellow soldier and chain of command.” To Sergeant O’Flarity, the Iraqi security forces are militias beholden to local leaders, not the Iraqi government. “Half of the Iraqi security forces are insurgents,” he said. As for his views on the war, Sergeant O’Flarity said, “I don’t believe we should be here in the middle of a civil war.” “We’ve all lost friends over here,” he said. “Most of us don’t know what we’re fighting for anymore. We’re serving our country and friends, but the only reason we go out every day is for each other.” “I don’t want any more of my guys to get hurt or die. If it was something I felt righteous about, maybe. But for this country and this conflict, no, it’s not worth it.” Staff Sgt. James Griffin grew up in Troy, N.C., near the Special Operations base at Fort Bragg. His dream was to be a soldier, and growing up he would skip school and volunteer to play the role of the enemy during Special Operations training exercises. When he was 17, he joined the Army. Now 22, Sergeant Griffin is a Delta Company section leader. On the night of May 5, as he neared an Iraqi police checkpoint with a convoy of Humvees, Sergeant Griffin spotted what looked like a camouflaged cinderblock and immediately halted the convoy. His vigilance may have saved the lives of several soldiers. Under the camouflage was a huge, six-array, explosively formed penetrator — a deadly roadside bomb that cuts through the Humvees’ armor with ease. The insurgents quickly set off the device, but the Americans were at a safe distance. An explosive ordnance disposal team arrived to check the area. As the ordnance team rolled back to base, they were attacked with a second roadside bomb near another Iraqi checkpoint. One soldier was killed and two were wounded. No one has been able to explain why two bombs were found near Iraqi checkpoints, bombs that Iraqi soldiers and the police had either failed to notice or helped to plant. Sergeant Griffin understands the criticism of the Iraqi forces, but he believes they, and the war effort, must be given more time. “If we throw this problem to the side, it’s not going to fix itself,” he said. “We’ve created the Iraqi forces. We gave them Humvees and equipment. For however long they say they need us here, maybe we need to stay.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reminds me of stories of Vietnam, ARVN by day, VC by night. And today, we are openly trading with Vietnam and it is now peaceful and posperous again, though Communist controlled, they have enough common sense to let capitalism thrive. Fighting 'Police Actions' has never won a war!!! Same goes for Iraq today. In 2004, our military fought a war, since then, it's been a Police Action. And for the very reasons I've blogged before........D.C. political meddling into the military and warfighting.
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Power of the Force
Thursday, May 24, 2007 11:48 PM
I've been pretty heavy with many of my postings.....thank God for a divergence.New Star Wars film 'on cards' By Stephen Fenech May 24, 2007 12:00 Article from: Font size: + - Send this article: Print Email STAR WARS fans will sense a disturbance in the force amid rampant rumours that a new movie set before the prequels is to be announced in LA tomorrow. The news of the "huge" announcement by Star Wars creator George Lucas comes on the 30th anniversary of the first film. Chris Brennan, a member of Star Walking Inc - the Australian Star Wars appreciation society, is in LA for the offcial convention Celebration IV at the Los Angeles Covention Centre. He said the rumours sweeping the venue is that Lucas will announce a new Star Wars movie is in the works. Reports have been circling among fans and on the internet of a new Star Wars movie or movies set before the recent prequels at the time of Old Republic when the Jedi regained control of the galaxy from the Dark Lords of the Sith. "He did make a slip in an interview a couple of weeks ago and say something about a forthcoming movie,'' Brennan said. "The reporter went back to him and said `did you say movie?' "George said no he didn't say that and tried to cover it up.'' Lucas has already confirmed a Star Wars live action TV series will be filmed in Australia from next year and will be set between the recent Episode III and the original 1977 Star Wars film which is Episode IV. Despite opening in just 32 US theatres (Spiderman 3 recently premiered in 4324 US theatres) across the US on May 25, 1977 it went on to be the second highest grossing film all time behind Titanic. Australian actors Bruce Spence who appeared in Episode III as Tion Medon as well as Zac Jensen, who played Jedi knight Kit Fitso in Episodes II and III, will be special guests at Celebration IV which will attract more than 60,000 fans, many in the costume of their favourite character. They will join other cast members from all six films including Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Anthony Daniels (C3P0) and Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) at the convention. Brennan says LA has been caught up in Star Wars fever. "Just walking down the street here every second person is a Star Wars fan,'' he said. "It's a big feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood.'' When asked why he was such a big Star Wars fan Brennan said: "It all comes down to the escapism. People can sit down and start watching Star Wars, any of the films, and get totally absorbed and get transported to a galaxy far, far away.'' Star Walking Inc is organising its own convention to mark the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars premiere in Australian on the 21-22nd October in Melbourne

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