Monday, October 29, 2007

A bit angry today at my Government

It was bad enough hearing a caller on a local talk show give his review of the movie " BorderMovie" and how Mexican 'Humvee's' armed with rotating turrets with .50 caliber machine guns mounted...coming across the Rio Grande from Mexico into the United States. Clearly, rogued Mexican military units escorting illegal drug runners into the United States, and what has the Bush Administration done?? Given cheap sound bites to the American people. There is a war on our Southern border WITH MEXICO, right now. The more the Bush Administration shows how impotent it is in protecting America by not putting our National Guard troops on the border en masse, the more the drug cartels will become more bolder and bring death into the United States.
Now I just read the story of a Chinese National who sold high tech equipment to Commuist China, actually, he just fudged some paperwork and shipped it. But our Justice Department has dropped all charges without a word to the American people. What the hell is going on in Washington D.C. !!!???? Whose damn side are 'our' politicians on anyway??? I feel very betrayed tonight by our Government, by President Bush.
The reality of it all, the United States is going to have to start fighting at least a two front war, one with Mexico, one with Iran. How we fight it, will shape the course of the future of the United States. Both need to be fought quickly, powerfully, and decisively. Anything less will only mean that the United States, as a Nation, is truely heading into a major decline as a SuperPower, and as a Nation itself. For if our politicians continue to allow Mexico to spit in our faces, rape and kill our citizens through it's illegals invasion, to allow Iran to go unchecked in it's overt support of anti-West Iraqi insurgents, then only more 'death to America' will continue.
The time for diplomacy has ended, on both 'fronts'. Both Mexico and Iran have taken 'talk' as signs of weakness and indecisiveness for which it is.
The very life of the United States is ticking away with each minute our southern border remains unchallenged and unsecure. Each minute Iran is allowed to murder American military personnel without consequence.
History has shown over and over again that great city states/nations collaspe from corruption from within. It is no different now for these times for which we now live in and the actions of the people that are in power who could make a difference and prove the lessons of history have been learned.
But I have feelings of pessimism about what our 'elected' officials will do and I know that many I listen, do as well.

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