Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CSX - I"m impressed

Unlike our Federal Government, a privately held company has shown what FREEDOM and Capitalism is capible of doing. Just look at the Senate fiasco currently unfolding, a President-elect who already has a Cabinet folding, very poor choices for critical slots, and the never ending saga of a Congress as a whole, who put themselves over the American People.
Yes dear reader, my little rant is relevant. Let's back up. Saturday mornin, Jan 3rd, about 6:20am. An east bound CSX freight train derailed at a rail cross-pass junction. No one was injured but look at the photos:
Look how buried six locomotive engines are!
This is what makes America great:

CSX crews and others also worked nonstop throughout the night Saturday, despite occasionally heavy rains, to replace the damaged track. By 8 a.m. Sunday, workers had put down about 20 prefabricated track panels, each about 40 feet long. Sease said the panels fit together "much like a model train set," allowing crews to reconstruct the track quickly.

The six derailed engines were righted and on the tracks by 8 a.m. The undamaged rail cars had been removed the day before. The remaining cars were upright Sunday and had been moved to the side of the track.

Not much impresses me in life anymore that comes via mankind, but CSX, the workers on this site, impressed the heck out of me with the speed and 'organization' they displayed.
*Note to reader: If you read this story here at B.E.V. earlier and then saw it was gone, it was because I had to redo this story due to computer programs acting like the Government and refusing to work together for the common good.

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