Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dem's/DNC play their RACE card

Put this under "I couldn't resist" to comment block.
The DNC, under the clear leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and soap box personificator Sen. Schumar, have clearly shown that they will do anything to get a human loser like Al Fraken into the Senate, while already mentioning armed guards barring Roland Burris from entering the Senate building. For the record: Al Fraken is 'white', and Roland Burris is 'black'. Be proud to be a member of the DNC this day.
I did hear something that the human jellyfish Harry Reid has used verbiage indicating a 'loop', glitch, small opening, that will allow Roland Burris to be seated on Tuesday.
Be proud to be a member of the DNC. With last week Sen. Reid totally defiant on the Burris issue, now this weekend, a sudden change. Glad the Mexicans are not shooting missles into our Southwest, Reid would not nor ever, do what Israel has had to do to protect their citizens and National integrity.

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