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U.S. Gov still unprepared

osted by Brian Peters on Friday, December 19, 2008 3:11:34 PM
Here's a breaking article from THE U.K. !! about our Government, who tells us everything is fine, life is great, elect me, I'll tell you exactly what you want to hear.
U.S. not ready for cyber attack
Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:03am GMT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is unprepared for a major hostile attack against vital computer networks, government and industry officials said on Thursday after participating in a two-day "cyberwar" simulation. The game involved 230 representatives of government defense and security agencies, private companies and civil groups. It revealed flaws in leadership, planning, communications and other issues, participants said. The exercise comes almost a year after President George W. Bush launched a cybersecurity initiative which officials said has helped shore up U.S. computer defenses but still falls short. "There isn't a response or a game plan," said senior vice president Mark Gerencser of the Booz Allen Hamilton consulting service, which ran the simulation. "There isn't really anybody in charge," he told reporters afterward. Democratic U.S. Rep. James Langevin of Rhode Island, who chairs the homeland security subcommittee on cybersecurity, said: "We're way behind where we need to be now." Dire consequences of a successful attack could include failure of banking or national electrical systems, he said."This is equivalent in my mind to before September 11 ... we were awakened to the threat on the morning after September 11."
Officials cited attacks by Russia sympathizers on Estonia and Georgia as examples of modern cyberwarfare, and said U.S. businesses and government offices have faced intrusions and attacks. Billions of dollars must be spent by both government and industry to improve security, said U.S. Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland, the Democratic chairman of the intelligence subcommittee on technical intelligence. The war game simulated a dramatic surge in computer attacks at a time of economic vulnerability, and required participants to find ways to mitigate the attacks -- using real-life knowledge of tactics and procedures where they work. It was the broadest such exercise in terms of representation across government agencies and industrial sectors, officials said.
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, addressing the participants at the end of the exercise, predicted cyberattacks will become a routine warfare tactic to degrade command systems before a traditional attack. That is in addition to threats posed by criminal or terrorist attackers. International law and military doctrines need to be updated to deal with computer attacks, Chertoff said. "We know that if someone shoots missiles at us, they're going to get a certain kind of response. What happens if it comes over the Internet?," he said. Chertoff and Gerencser expressed caution over suggestions earlier this month calling for the appointment of a White House "cybersecurity czar" to oversee efforts. But Ruppersberger disagreed. One person was needed to take charge of efforts and to secure the president's ear, he said. Ruppersberger said people close to president-elect Barack Obama's transition team have convinced him that Obama understands the importance of bolstering cybersecurity.
Well dear reader, all I can say is....duh. Duh. All you and I have to do is review the past two years and look at who has been in charge of our Congress and the legislation and issues that consumed their thoughts, deeds, words, and time. Duh. You and I have read and heard countless news stories over the past two years of 'cyber attacks' against Pentagon, Federal agencies, private industry. Attacks whose origins have been factually traced back to China and Russia.
But, the Main Stream Media....arm of the DNC.....the DNC to include all politicians with a 'D' next to their name, many Republicans, and the Pentagon as well, have been so pigeon-holed on the "War on Terror" they forgot we have other opponents, new more dangerous forms of warfare evolving. Despite what the Hollywood let-us-all-hold-hands crowd keeps saying on their soapboxes, there are plenty of people who just want to kill Americans because we are Americans. You can't rationalize or reason with them.
The Obama 'people' are looking at creating another layer of bureaucracy in a 'CyberSecurity Czar' - and what is all of this reference and use of Communist/Russian titles???!!
We do not need to create anything that already exist. Like with great fighter jets, you use the same model but make modificaitons to improve it. Read the Mission Statement for the NSA:

"The ability to understand the secret communications of our foreign adversaries while protecting our own communications -- a capability in which the United States leads the world -- gives our nation a unique advantage."

Executive Order 12333, dated 4 December 1981, describes the responsibility of the National Security Agency and the Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) in more detail. The resources of NSA/CSS are organized for the accomplishment of two national missions:

  • The Information Assurance mission provides the solutions, products, and services, and conducts defensive information operations, to achieve information assurance for information infrastructures critical to U.S. national security interests.

  • The foreign signals intelligence or SIGINT mission allows for an effective, unified organization and control of all the foreign signals collection and processing activities of the United States. NSA is authorized to produce SIGINT in accordance with objectives, requirements, and priorities established by the Director of National Intelligence in consultation with the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.
All that needs to be done is for the President to say, we're adding a new mission to the NSA, make it happen. Done. Chain of command, layers of communication are all in place, if some new people need to be hired* then get it done. Build a new wing, a whole new building/complex. In the time tested, wise, venerable words of a certain popular and patriotic American.. GIT-R-DONE!!!!!
http://www.larrythecableguy.com/ (After seeing his site, I had to include his link, cheers me up after reading about my Government)
Everyone in D.C. talks about security, the MSM spews it out back to you, but what has been really done? Admitedly, Pres. Bush has done a lot to ensure that no more attacks have happened in the United States on his watch, kudo's to all the men and women that have made this happen and kept us safe.
We will see what happens in the near future as 'social programs' become the beacon that the Democrats focus themselves and their MSM surrogates upon.
*Our Nation is filled full of young people who know all about hacking, have these people been sought out and recruited to work for the U.S. Government?? I doubt you would find them at Harvard, Yale .....
Along with the Cyber-security laspe we have, you may have no heard/read the story this week of North Korea trying to fabricate a scenerio to justify their resumption of the Korean War.

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