Tuesday, July 14, 2009

B.E.V.'s Year End Review New Year Predictions and a word

Good day dear reader. Like you, me, and a couple million other people, we're taking a moment to look back on 2008 and review, reflect, rejoice, regret. As I look back at 2008, my humble and sincere thanks to God for allowing me to see the year to its conclusion, more so, that most of family and friends were able to as well. Like most families, ours too lost some members, some expect, some not, but everyone accepted life's eternal cycle and continue to live for all that life offers.
2008 saw the biggest historical event for the United States as a young Nation, the election of a minority as it's leader. Whether you voted for him or not, you have to recognize the historical significance of the event. I could go on about 2008, but overall I'm glad it's gone. For more detailed thoughts, just research through the archives of BirdsEyeView, since most major sujbects and a few off ones were addressed. You can always shoot me an email directly at: bpsitrepATyahooDOTcom , for further debate, questions, info, shoot the breeze.
Now for PREDICTIONS FOR 2009.......
(Insert some crazy,drama music now)
1. No lasting peace will be achieved between the Palestinians and the State of Israel
2. Iran will launch at least one long range missile at Israel.
3. Pakistan will fall into near civil war as Taliban influence continues to grow.
4. The U.S. SouthWest will have a climatic earthquake.
5. U.S. economy will see slow growth for the entire year of 2009.
6. South America will see military clashes, possible coups against leftist governments.
7. Russia will face serious internal political upheval.
8. Asia will work together to solidify their economies.
9. An event will happen that will cause the entire World to pause and realize God is watching.
10. A third political party will begin to rise to prominence in the U.S.
11. I was going to have just 'Ten' but in light of my previous entries on B.E.V.: This year, a man, a woman, a child will be attacked by Pit Bull dogs due to the continued failure of States and Federal Governments to take action while continuing to push forward frivolous, damaging, and costly agenda's and bills.
And for the no-brainer predictions: Hollywood celebrities will continue to get married and divorced far above the national averages and live their lives as if their shows and movies are reality and life is not.
Democrats and Republicans will continue to point fingers at each other but fail to look in the mirror.
Finally - a word. Or two. In 2009, BirdsEyeView is going to take a different direction at how blog entries are pounded out on the computer keys. B.E.V. will not be commenting on every little story as I have in the past. There are plenty of other people who do this daily. What B.E.V. will concentrate upon are solutions, 'bulk' observations, and future scenerios. Time to time I will drop a note about a hot topic, I will call it a 'hot topic drop'....so no one don't take that idea/quote for your own use without consulting me first.
I wrote once a while back I thought about calling it quits at TH:BEV. But the upcoming political fight between the Left and the historical heritage of America and the liberty of personal freedom that will come under direct assault by the Left, has made me pause in my decision. I am staying in the fight until God takes me home. But I do have a time limit and things to do, places to go, people to see in '09.
With that.....I wish you all friend and most foe alike, a Happy New Year.

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