Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back for good...I think

Hello dear reader. I put my final nail in the coffin of blog on Townhall last week when my weekly counter came back at Zero/ page views, no page referrals. This was after a high of 1/1 the previous three weeks. When it's time to go, it's time to go and after seeing the double O, I knew it was time to go. I did have one loyal fan who contacted me via FB and said it was sad to see me go.....but I informed that reader, like MacArthur, I would return. So I say...thanks Cuz.
Blogs are a dime a dozen these days, probably a dime for two dozen, but I wish to continue to serve my fellow Americans and mankind in general with my vast wit, wisdom, and total psycho view of the World.
I thought of several places to do this, but here, I shall plant my flag.
One of the big reasons I moved was, oddly, for freedom of speech reasons. If I want to call a person a dumbass, then I want it spelled out and not hit by censors, which was the case of my last blogs location.
So, hang in there, and hang on dear reader for this Lionel Train is leaving the station and it's going to be a wild ride around the bedroom.

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