Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BpSitRep's big move

Hello Dear reader. Thank you for following me across the wasteland of the internet to this place. Reason for the big move away from Townhall is that I don't want my views to be associated to their website, looking out for them. What I say, is what I feel and what I believe. Personally, I've had and still do have a lot going on work wise which has taken much of my free time away. But not to fear, I watch, read, see, and hear the news every nothing passes by, much like the view of the Eagle that perches upon high and see's all below.
To note, Woodward's coming book on Obama, Obama's Wars......proves a few facts of life, that when push comes to shove, real Americans will stand for this Nation and it's rich heritage. Secondly, that Obama and his ilk, are nothing but radical leftist, socialist out to destroy this Nation from within. That second fact, I do not doubt with any fiber of my mind and body. Much more to come......much more work to do. The United States has been hit with it's Ivan and Katrina in the economic and judicial sense via the Obama Administration. There has been a tremendous amount of damage done to this Nation, and it will take a lot of hard work to clean it all up. But together, I know it will be rebuilt, stronger, better, and will last much longer in the face of any future storms.

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