Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From the : Hate it when I'm right department

It seems there is a growing secessionist movement growing, and it's not a bunch of Caucasian Tea Party Right Wingers that the Main Stream Media always says are the trouble. No, these people are....Democrats. People who voted for and support Prez. Obama. And this is a group out in Arizona that want to create a 51st State just for the sole purpose of having things their way politically. You can call them, sore losers.
What this does demonstrate as well, is the fact that it is 'usually' the 'liberal' minded that once they do not get their way by means of the rule of law, they will change the laws to suit their own needs over the good of all.
To me, it also says that these people are not really 'Americans' in heart and spirit, that unwaveringly, support the U.S. Constitution as it is. They don't care for our Founding Fathers nor the values they stood for and set up as the guide for us to follow and live by.
Here's a link to the story of the new rebellion:

p.s. This is also vindication of all of my warnings of the Balkanization of the USA.

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