Monday, November 12, 2012

Election 2012 & Future of the GOP

Every single pundit and political writer has been been weighing in on this since Tuesday late evening.  So now, that everyone has pretty much done their opining, it's my turn.  Stand by because it's going to blister like the sun.  The short answer - Romney lost because his team was too timid and over confident, and Romney himself, didn't believe in himself until after the first debate. 
    Now for the future of the GOP.  It will carry on, sluggish, imperious, and fail to do what is necessary to reach out to people that have conservative values yet may appear very progressive in their lives, i.e. the gay community. 
    A line I like to use in describing what happened Tuesday night is this:  It was the night Mayberry RFD died.  What do I mean by that?  The United States will never, ever, go back to where the majority of towns resemble Mayberry.  The racist headline of Newsweek's coming issue: GOP You're old, you're white, you're history, actually rings true though I admonish Newsweek for using such a blatant, derogatory racial headline.
    The USA, will continue it's move towards becoming more of a melting pot where within 20 years, we will resemble Mexico more than Canada.  The population of non Caucasians will continue to grow as immigration and inter-racial marriage/child birth continue their growth.   As these populations now are exerting their political power in voting, so will their values take hold on daily living. 
   A good example of how change/shift happens is what happened to the States of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington specifically as Caucasians 'fled' California in the 1990's.  Though it's hardly discussed, this did happen.   But when these 'pseudo-Liberals' fled growing minority communities, they took their 'liberal' values with them and it changed the political landscapes of each of these States to become less 'Western values' States and more 'progressive', as we seen in Washington's marijuana laws being passed in favor of open use in small amounts.  Florida has seen such a change as well as the often talked about I4 corridor, as many New Yorkers, East coast 'liberals' moved out of the high taxes to the no State taxes State of Florida.  Elections have often delivered in favor of the Democrats in Central to South Florida now due to the huge Caucasian East Coast and Hispanic communities.  There are very few 'native' redneck Floridians living there anymore. 
    America has to take a series long look at the growing trends all of these population shifts are causing and political parties will need to pander and/or honestly talk with these groups to involve them.   This too has another serious repercussion that needs to be openly discussed in our National Security.  Whose allegiance does the people of these groups really lay?  Are they political, religious, ethnic?  How does the non-Caucasian identify with the 'Founding Fathers' of the United States?  Do they believe in and share the same ideals and values of the Founding Fathers? 
   I fear that the current trend of so many people being ill-informed, poorly educated, politically indoctrinated, that within the next 30 to 50 years, the United States will go through a Balkanization as groups begin to huddle together under same value lines of mainly ethnic, religious, and somewhat political.  The great Melting Pot will become as most good food dishes do, you add bit of this/that and make something great, then continue adding all kinds of ingredients and end up with a horrid mush. 
    The wild cards that remain in play is radical Islam and it's complicit moderate Muslim brethren, a surging China that may use external war in order to maintain internal integrity, and the occasional mad man dictator that a wholly incompetent, impotent UN can never truly confront.  Also to consider is natural resources v World population.  
    How did the 2012 election affect all of this?   Did you see reaction from the Stock Market?  Money managers reacted quickly to protect their monies, and companies in the following days have done the same with layoffs.  And the outward effect is only going to continue as a very weak, incompetent, U.S. President starts his second term.   And the GOP already offered 'concessions'.....another sign of weakness in our political system that dangerous enemies have taken note of.
    Is there a chance for a brighter outlook?   Current trends say no, sorry.

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