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Original post date ( OPD ) : 1/6/2012
Every day, we get bombarded with 'polls', statements, 'news flashes', from the media and the Politicians.  Words without air.  That's all they are.  At the end of the day, they mean nothing to the average American citizen.  They do nothing for the average American citizen.  
    Most of them are just smoke n' mirrors.  We're led by the nose to believe that the Obama Administration is leading the charge of the Middle Class and revitalizing our economy, when in truth, they, and 'he' are not.  
   Congress is deadlocked in a stalemate that rivals Western Europe during the First World War and trench warfare.  It was and is all futile, useless, and a loss for everyone.  
    Dear reader, we've been told that 'consumer confidence' jumped remarkably at the end of November and in December, that Americans had confidence in 'credit' again and spending for the Holiday Season was up far more than predicted.  Do you know what that really means? 
   First, that 'credit' was used and not cold, hard cash.  Credit, where payments will be coming due now.  People were buying to have a good Christmas, to help erase the intense blues we've been feeling as a Nation for the past two years.  It is also some mild hope that Obama will soon be voted out and a good, Republican Capitalist will be voted in and energize our Nation and it's economy.
   But before that happens.....the credit card payments will be due.   And what jobs?  The Obama White House touted the decrease in jobless claims that came out for a few weeks.....due to what dear reader?  Really?  What?  
    Part time seasonal Christmas hire's, and that claimants were too busy shopping, traveling, or indoors and not at the Government Offices filling out paperwork.  That's what kept those numbers down.   
    Last week what happened?  The number went up.....Christmas is over and part timers are laid off again, and people are not going to family homes for the Holidays, it's back to survival.  
    You know what I noticed as well?  In my neighborhood, a very telling sign, after Christmas, 4 houses went up for sale !!!  Two already have been vacated and/or abandoned.  In a decent middle class neighborhood too !!   
    Don't let the Obama people fool you, it's going to be a very tough 2012 economically for the average American.  It's a mild winter as well, which means a bad hurricane season and storm season.  Brace for impact.
    As well, I've seen in our small tourist dependent city, four restaurants and a few nightclubs, go out of business this 'winter'.  Not to mention Nationally, the large companies that are closing a few key locations in the Midwest in aeronautics industry.  KMart, Sears, Macy's, etc, closing stores...... Shovel ready jobs Barack??!!   Yes, to shovel yours and the the DNC b.s. that is piling up.  
   Look around your own neighborhoods, look at the closings, for sales, v new construction.   Not too good is it??!!
OPD 1/27/2012 Subject title says it all, I"m voting for Mitt Romeny.  Why?  Simple, our Nation is at a crisis state unlike since the Civil War.  Obama has effectively divided much of this Nation into the have's/have nots.  Obama has created the "Big Brother" government his leftist friends from his college days railed against.  Obama has done nothing for this economy except put us deeper in debt to the point of total fiscal failure.  Those are just three simple and obvious reasons why the USA, needs a true 'Executive' at the helm.
   I was asked yesterday and today whom I"m casting my vote for.  I said Romney.  And I gave a brief explanation. Mitt said well last night at the debate in Jacksonville, we don't need politicians changing chairs in D.C..   The USA needs someone from outside the Beltway to take the helm of this careening ship.  Newt, he's a great speaker, very knowledgeable, great author, but for me, he's an insider that's been there too long with a few too many personal issues, one is being this:  Eighty-four ethics charges were filed against Gingrich during his term as Speaker, all but one of which were eventually dropped.[68] After an extensive investigation and negotiation by the bipartisan House Ethics Committee, Gingrich was reprimanded and fined $300,000 by an overwhelming 395-28 House vote, with both Republicans and Democrats speaking in favor of those sanctions. It was the first time in the history of the House that a Speaker was disciplined for an ethics violation.
     395 to 28 against???!!  That's a considerable number.  Plus listening to his attacks after Iowa, that was disheartening for someone supposedly carrying the Reagan mantra and Conservative banner forward.  There's a few nagging issues that my internal warning system can't shut down as well.  Really, seriously (latest two chic words) in a National General Election, Obama v Gingrich, the Hollywood MSM are going to tear him up and we will end up for sure with four more years of a Presidency that will see the end of this Nation.  My gut feeling.
     Now, Gov. Romney, he really doesn't have that baggage besides the health care bill of Mass. He does have that executive experience that we need now.  He will have a winning team in the White House, and the support of big business that will again, begin to rebuild this great Nation to the status it deserves and can achieve.  
     Many on the 'right' say Romney is the 'establishment Republican' choice.  Hogwash.  People who are choosing to support Romney see that same things I'm trying to say, Mitt will lead....lead this Nation to prosperity, not push it into a deeper pit.   Romney is a proven Chief Executive, and that is precisely what the USA needs, not just another politician.  
    I would have Ron Paul on my Staff, you need that person you don't totally agree with but does have some viable views of what the average American sees and feels.  
    These are my own opinions and I have not been solicited or paid by any campaign or PAC.
OPD 11/27/2011 
Money talks, b.s. walks, that is a truth in life.  So what I offer is not a b.s. option, but a unique and workable option that will allow the U.S. Armed Forces not only to survive, but thrive.  Back in 1992, I read an advertisement in Proceedings magazine for an essay contest about Warfighting, and that started my journey and a lifetime commitment towards doing all I can do to save our Military.  The United States Armed Forces will never face defeat on the battlefield to the point of total collapse and surrender, but it will succumb to the meddling of Washington D.C.’s political system.     Today, I finished watching a South Korean made movie called The Front Line and it too exemplified the prime example of politicians costing the lives of the troops.  That is a historical fact sadly repeated in every operation/war that military Worldwide, become involved in.  Someday, that problem will be rectified by itself when troops quit pointing guns at each other and point them at those responsible for the hostilities in the first place.
     What I set out for today, is to offer the alternative to the current system of pay, allowances, and retirement benefits that currently is in use.  What will be affected as well is ‘advancement’ in rank, which in itself, will make our Military stronger.
    The pay option is simple, it’s set up already.  The ‘civilian’ G.S. step-pay grade system.  It is already nearly the same in pay as the Military pay scale, the only differences that need to be worked out are at the higher Officer levels.  For what a Flag Officer does and is responsible for, the pay compensation is just and fair at the current Military pay level.
    The Armed Forces has a really bad habit of ‘forcing’ people out.  This is such a huge waste of money and training.  Always those forced out are often ‘mid level’ NCO’s and Officers and that disrupts command missions and readiness to add to the waste of time and money invested.
    I knew/met many personnel that were happy, literally happy, at their current situation in life.  They enjoyed their ‘job’, their comrades, and they had pride in their Service and their Nation.  The problems always arose with these personnel when ‘advancement’ time came and as well, the end of their current contract.  Many simply did not wish to advance in rank, nor were they enthusiastic about ending their current ‘career’.  But under the current system, often if a person is in for “x” amount of years and did not ‘advance’, that person was deemed unsuitable and shown the door.  Again, waste of time and money.
    What a change to using a ‘step method’ of pay would offer, is a reward system and a better system of building true ‘leaders’ in the Armed Forces.  Every person in the Armed Forces, at one time or another during the advancement cycle, would ask him/herself or someone they knew, ‘how did that person get advanced??!!”  Deep down everyone knew that ‘person’ was not a true leader, but just punched the right tickets, and was a good test taker enough to get advanced in rank.  That is what creates problems within commands when during time of any crisis, a weak leader is unable to act properly and catastrophe of minor/major level then occurs. 
    Using the G.S. step level method of pay will offer incentive and reward for time served, as a person is compensated justly over periods of time.  Often, under the current advancement system, a person’s pay raises only after being promoted, but then finds themselves in positions they are not suited to carry out as a leader.  Thus they get frustrated and what was a great worker, becomes a mediocre leader and at the end of their contract, terminate service.  Now two people need replacing, where maybe one leader would have sufficed. 
     Leadership is learned over time.  Rare is it that a leader is born, even then all of the World’s greatest leaders had to learn over time through trial and error.  Same as for the Armed Forces today.  The current system pushes so many people forward onto leadership positions that few real leaders stand out and mediocrity among the masses is the norm.
     Leaders are recognized among their own groups and peers, they do stand out as those with initiative who can take charge of a situation.  Advancement should be made after a person is recognized and recommended by peers/seniors, with a standard of criteria and testing.  Instead of flooding the pay scale with personnel requiring higher pay simply because of being pushed ahead, leadership pay would reflect a person’s true worth and value as well. 
    A stronger worker/professional/trained force would also be retained building a strong military at it’s base/root levels.   These personnel would be happy at their station in life, being justly monetarily compensated over time, saving the continuous cycle of training, time, money of so many to refill those slots/positions.   This is how, why military contractor company’s succeed, as well as USNS ships company thrive.  People are happy being paid fairly for the job they do.  Many people do not want nor seek the leadership roles, and when forced, it becomes uncomfortable for them, and they seek to find a way out of that discomfort which often is terminating their service.
    The United States can maintain a strong, professional all volunteer force, and save money in the long run.  Discussing ‘careerist’, when a person hits that 10 year mark, they should decide then to either terminate service or sign a further 10 year contract and become a careerist.  At the 20 year mark, they can chose to ‘retire’ and receive that half pay, which is fair and just, or continue to the 30 year mark on a five year contractual basis.  At which point, a medical and physical testing assessment will determine that person’s option of being retained or due to limitations, be retired.
     As for long term health care, the V.A. system should be hugely expanded in all 50 States and U.S. territories to care for prior and retired personnel.  The ‘Tricare’ system could be done away with, and replaced with a good V.A. system that would inclusive for all prior, and retired personnel.
     A retirement pay system could/should also be set up for Military personnel, the same that is offered for civilian Civil Service.  This would be emphasized to help off-set health and retirement requirements for later in life.  
     Sometimes, solutions are simple, the hard part is implementing them. 

OPD    2/19/2012
  There's a shooting war coming and no one is able to stop it.  Iran wants this war in a very bad way.  The key here is, Sun Tzu-Clausewitz, Alexander-Patton, and about every other great Military mind-leader....pick the time and place of battle.  Once the battle starts......finish the war once and for all.  Do not do like we in the USA has done since Korea.....lose thousands upon thousands of lives for no reason then retreat claiming victory.  Iran is pushing hard for this conflict with Israel and anyone else for that matter.  Iran is pushing hard to take over in Central and especially South America (wouldn't you rather live in the tropics v. dry, dusty, cold-hot good for nothing place).  If Iran can establish an Islamic bastion in Venezuela.....they'll be coming by the thousands and not leaving.  Count on it, bet on it, take it to the bank on it!!
   Obama.....gas is going up, up, up.  Obama is party, party, partying.  Woot woot.  Great time to be a Democrat.  You can be two faced, tell outright lies, spit on your 'religion' and Nation, and not worry at all about it - great time to be a Democrat.
   We have a bridge locally that is 50 years old and needs replacing.  There has been a lot in the local fishwrapper about it almost daily.  Local county has to cough up a $1 Million addition to throw into the 'kitty' to help fund this new bridge.  Now I know that all over this Nation, there are hundreds of bridges that need replacing, repair.  Drove over the I-10 from in Mobile, Alabama today, that bridge is in about the same state of disarray that our local bridge is.  That bridge is even longer.   So where does the money come from?  The bighead idea we keep hearing is.......make it a toll bridge.  That's the Washington D.C. - Democrat thing and stick it to the average American to pay even more.  What does Barack Obama say often "fair share".   (Great time to be a Democrat)    
    Me, being a Conservative, I do not in any shape, manner, nor form want a 'toll bridge' that would put any additional burden upon the good People of America, this area.   So where do I, as a Conservative, go for that additional money...??  Immediately, common sense says.....take that $2 Billion earmarked for Egypt and put it where that U.S. Taxpayer money belongs...into America.  Screw the Egyptians who are now Muslim Brotherhood Islamo Fascist and hardly our allies.   Looking at the U.S. Aid chart, I can see easily 3 belligerent Nations and also Afghanistan that do not need to receive any more of our Tax Payer dollars.  That total pops up to around , well it went off my little TI calculator at $6,930,000.00 so add another digit of U.S. Taxpayer dollars going to our enemies.  School yard lesson - YOU CAN NOT BUY FRIENDS.   
    So, America, up to you.  Continue to let the DNC-Obama machine continue to pump money out of your pocket, home, families, lives or tell them to stop and use our money for America, for Americans.  It's simple.  Those Nations can scream war all they want, fine.  You want war, you got it.  And, also....very important thing our 'concern' Politicians NEED to do ASAP.  Pass a Law into the Constitution concerning war and it's consequences to our enemies.  Any land, sea, air space seized by U.S. Armed Forces in any declared war, or 'Joint Operation' against a belligerent Nation-Government, shall become sovereign U.S. Property until time that U.S. Congress deeds it back to an 'indigenous' population.  War and the cost of lives and limb has been taken too lightly since World War Two.  To the victor the spoils.  It's not about 'imperialism', it's about making people think before acting, especially rouge leaders. 

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