Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Third World USA is now!!

Back in 1998-99, I was introduced/found the world of forums on the internet.  Forum's were the precursor to today's blogs, in my opinion.  The first forum I joined belonged to the news website Newsmax.  It was a very wide open forum, very active, and I learned a lot from the time spent there.  I read a lot of people's opinion's and looked at the links, references they provided which expanded my knowledge.
   But this Newsmax forum gave me a platform to stand on, a lectern to stand behind.  This was neat, someplace I could espouse and opine my thoughts and views and get some like minded feedback.  I got feedback, some good, some not so good.  No matter, I was learning, growing, and able to contribute.
   A main theme and topic I began to discuss in a small way was my thoughts and observations on society and the Armed Forces.  I was on active duty during the Clinton Administration and their bold steps to 'change' the Armed Forces which caused many good true warriors to end their careers, be it on their own or they were driven out by Clinton policy.
   The change to the Armed Forces was very dangerous since it affected U.S. National security at it's core.  Without a strong military, no Nation ever was able to stand on their own.  Western Europe today, would not be what it is without the backing of the World's strongest Military, the U.S. Armed Forces.
    But by 1999, I saw the cancer that was starting to spread within the United States at a rapid pace. The decay of morals and standards that our grandfathers and their parents before them used to maintain law, order, and discipline in and outside of the home and used in society in general.
    If you take a glance, the 1960's brought 'free love' and anti-war politics to the U.S., the 1970's, brought illegal drug use and freedom of expression, the 1980's combined all of them into a free for all.  Sex, drugs, no  consequences became the norm within the U.S. society. People could do, say, what they wanted without thought nor care.  The 1990's, brought out old Patriotism due to the Gulf War, but also a deep rebellion within the youth as reflected in the growth of rap and grunge music and lifestyles.
    These forces affected America and it's People on every level.  Then there were the various 'bubbles' of economy, housing, internet, and soon....mark my words.....the U.S. Stock Market.
    Let's quickly look at the current Stock Market, as of this writing, DOW 15538, NASDAQ 3228, S&P 1557.  The bell weather for the stock market has the DOW, it's the Indexes and number the majority of American's understand somewhat, and can relate to.  The DOW has been up and down like the most challenging roller coaster ever designed, but the recent rocket climbs are without long thought out design, but with knee jerk, ill advised massive rises that will eventually have to be brought down before the design flaw causes the roller coaster to collapse.  Otherwise, the law of physics will make it collapse.
    The Stock Market did great in the mid to late 1990's due to the average American 'investing' into stocks, which built stability.  But the past month or so, the dramatic, history breaking averages, is due to only a very choice few banks, business, and 'investors', with money.  With the Federal Government on the verge of bankruptcy, one third of American's on 'food stamps' and out of work, the true economic stability of our Nation is beginning to teeter.
    Dear reader, let me as you this, when you go out and about, driving or riding around, how much poverty, how much infrastructure decay do you witness?  If you live in a 'gated community' and bubble life, I sincerely doubt you have a true picture of what is going on out in America.   I don't have the time to give you picture examples, you need to do some honest looking and assessments yourself.
    You know that our Armed Forces have been severely affected by this 'sequester' nonsense.  Once the World's premiere Military, the continued political civilian interference in our Armed Forces has made it into a force barely holding onto itself.
    Immigration, another political gamesmanship fiasco that has weakened our Nation.  I cite Michael Savage for bringing out the 3 pillars that hold Nations together, 'borders, language, culture.'   Without those three, a 3 tier system, every Nation eventually crumbles into pockets of it's own, border-language-culture, Yugoslavia being the prime example.  Iraq is a sublime example.
    The United States has begun it's own Balkanization in California as millions flee the growing Hispanic culture and influence.  South Florida as well is very 'integrated' into two cultures, one English speaking, one Spanish speaking, which is way the 'growth' of Florida from people moving into Florida, has been central Florida.  The move will continue to pick up and move 'westward' in Florida over the next 6 - 10 years, my prediction.
    Why do think Colorado has became so 'Democratic' in it's voter base and politics?  My observation, Californification is my belief.  The 'hypocrite' Democrats that call Republicans racist, 'fled' California and moved to Colorado to be in what....'border,language,culture' of like people.  We witness the same cycle of sociological and psychological spans of life cycles playing out in Colorado as happened in California in the 1970's-80's.  Largely Caucasian populations, their lives and interactions are so similar, it's easy to see.  California is the 70's,80's....brought out fads, norms, that in Norman Rockwell America, would appear to be Babylonian.  Now as the Caucasian 'herd' moved from California to Colorado and other Northwestern States, once established, those fads and norms began to again manifest themselves.  How communities were built, how they socialized among themselves, and how their 'laws' are being brought out.  I believe that the Columbine massacre as well, could be explained in the socio-psychological make up.  The majority of mass murderers are Caucasian, and their influences,environments are what created them.
   Just as in Afghanistan today, where 'homicide' bombers have again attacked and murdered countless people, dressing themselves up as Afghani military/police.  Borders,language,culture.
   How does this tie into Third World USA?
   It is what is beginning to manifest itself among the population of the United States.  As long as there was a solid majority of a culture, the melting pot could absorb the rest.  But as distinct groups begin to enlarge and solidify, it only causes everlasting divisions.  Politically, this Nation is divided.  The sub groups of race and religion are beginning to divide and solidify into their own 3 tier system.
    Something I'v been watching online for the past few years are Japanese dramas.  I find it so ironic how I can see the parallel between Feudal Japan and the USA today.  The USA is at the stage now, where Japan was at the end of the Shogunate period and beginning of the Meiji period.  But the huge advantage that Japan had was/is the 3 tier system of border-language-culture where it overcame a huge political and sociological way of life and moved into a new one.  The USA, we don't have borders, language, culture to sustain a peaceful and successful transition into our next era, whatever it may be.  Our National borders are a joke, and treated as a joke by the politicians in Washington DC.  They have since the 1960's, every and all Presidents, otherwise, the borders would have been sealed by now and 12 million unregistered, undocumented people would not be living here.  Note - there are terrorist among those 12 million so when the 'sheeit' hits the fan, start with JFK and start blaming.
   What would save our Nation?  To start with, seal the borders, document the undocumented, quit sending 90% of our tax dollars into U.S. AID and rebuild this Nation.  If a Nation wants to defriend us, fight us, because we're not sending our tax dollars to their politicians, fine, bring it on.  If this Nation falls, it's because we gave/sent our money to every other Nation except our own.  If this Nation falls, it's because we did not seal our borders.  If this Nation falls, it's because 'The People' failed to recognize themselves as 'Americans' first, and whatever next.

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